‘Pokemon Go’: Second Generation Pokemon Discovered To Be Closer Than We Thought!

Pokemon Go fans have been waiting with bated breath for the franchise’s second generation roster to be added to the game, and it looks like it is finally almost upon us! Pokemon Go-themed Youtube channel Trainer Tips reports that the 100 new monsters introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well as the first generation Pokemon Ditto, have been discovered in the Pokemon Go code for the first time, and that is a huge deal.

Many Pokemon Go fans might hear that the generation two Pokemon were found in the code and at first thought it doesn’t mean much. After all, they are not actually in the game yet. What’s to say this code is not for an update many months down the road?

Well, to answer that question, take a look at the coverage of the Pokemon Go daily rewards update. Just two weeks ago, reported the Inquisitr at the time, the first mention of rewards given to each user for the first Pokemon catch of the day and the first Pokestop visit of the day were noticed in the game’s code. Several days ago, the daily rewards system was actually implemented and is now available worldwide. This shows just how quickly an actual update to Pokemon Go usually follows an addition to the app’s code invoking that update.

So what would the addition of the second generation Pokemon mean for Pokemon Go? Well, there are many answers to that question.

First and foremost, it would mean much more variety. The number of Pokemon that could be found in the wild would nearly double, addressing the problem commonly cited by Pokemon Go players that running into the same encounters over and over again with little variety gets extremely tedious. This would also mean more spawn points, which would, in turn, mean a comparatively easier time of finding encounters no matter where you are located. In fact, Trainer Tips points out in the video embedded above, many Pokemon Go players have theorized that Niantic’s recent addition of many new spawn points to the app is in preparation for adding generation two Pokemon.


Second, the addition of the Gold and Silver Pokemon would likely draw in a good amount of new Pokemon Go players because of the nostalgia factor. For many people, Pokemon Gold and Silver are much more identifiable than Pokemon Red and Blue and, therefore, hold a special spot in their hearts. Of course, the generation one Pokemon were also included in the generation two games, but having the full roster of all 251 Pokemon they grew to love in Gold and Silver might be what some people need to get into Pokemon Go.

Perhaps the most exciting part of adding all the new Pokemon, though, is that it would make the game feel fresh and new even to veteran players. Pokemon Go is not exactly difficult, and many of its most dedicated fans have caught all (or nearly all) of the Pokemon available in the game – according to Telegraph, there are currently 145. If the Pokedex were nearly doubled with the addition of another 100 or so, it would mean all those hardcore Pokemon Go trainers who have long-since worn out the original roster of Pokemon Go catchable creatures would come flocking back for at least a few weeks.

We are not talking about just a small group of fanatics, either. Pokemon Go was absolutely huge for the first few weeks after its release, when it seemed everyone was scrambling to be the very best (like no one ever was). It could very well make a comeback on a global scale, for a while at least, when generation two is added. And obviously, this means much, much more money for Niantic, something which has often proven to be quite an effective motivator for game developers.

Pokemon Go Second Generation Code
For a while there, nearly everyone was trying to catch em' all. [Image by Jax10289/iStock]

Along with all 100 generation two Pokemon, code mentioning Ditto has been discovered. Will it also be added in the next few weeks?

What do you think? Will the gen two Pokemon and Ditto be available by the end of 2016? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

[Featured Image by PongMoji/iStock]