Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Official — 5 Quick Facts About Prince Harry’s Girlfriend

Prince Harry’s girlfriend has been revealed. Meghan Markle, best known for her role as Rachel on Suits, is dating him. And we all know it’s true because as the Inquisitr previously reported, Harry’s rep at Kensington Palace confirmed the relationship via a statement asking the British celebrity media to stop its “racist and sexist” harassment towards her in the press.

By now, we probably all know that Harry’s new girlfriend is biracial. Her mother is African-American and her father is white. But if you’re curious to learn more about Harry’s new love, read on to learn five quick facts about Meghan Markle.

When Harry Met Megan:

According to Us Weekly, Harry and Meghan met in Toronto when Harry was in the Canadian city for the launch of the Invictus games for disabled ex-soldiers. Meghan is a regular in the city because her show, Suits, is filmed there.

It looks like fans first suspected that Megan and Harry could be an item when she started following his social media accounts, the private ones. She was later spotted with a bracelet that looks a lot like one that Harry owns which led many to believe that it was a special gift from him.

She’s Already Met the Family:

According to the Sunday Express, Prince Harry has fallen pretty hard for Markle. The word they used is “besotted” which is a pretty fancy way of saying, “head over heels.”

“He’s in a very relaxed period of his life and Meghan has come along at the right time.” an alleged insider source told the Express, as reported by the Sun.

The Sun also reports that Prince Harry is so taken with Meghan that she has already met the family and by the family, we mean Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton.

“William and Kate really liked her and she fitted in straight away,” the insider source added. “They are taking each week as it comes and just enjoying each other’s company but it’s fair to say that they love seeing each other and there’s a definite chemistry between them.”

Show-Business Is a Family Business for Meghan Markle:

Her childhood may have gotten her used to living in the spotlight. According to Hello Magazine, her father was a lighting director on Married With Children. She also has a pretty unique skill: calligraphy. It’s actually what helped her pay the bills in the early stages of her acting career. Instead of waitressing at restaurants like most rookie actors, she was doing calligraphy for money.

“I didn’t wait tables. I did calligraphy for the invitations for, like, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding,” she once said in an interview, Hello reports.

She’d probably still be a calligrapher if her acting career hadn’t jump-started. Before she landed her role as the main love interest on Suits, she appeared on TV shows like 90210, Without a Trace, and Castle. As for movies, Meghan has appeared in films like Horrible Bosses and Remember Me.


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She’s Quite the Foodie:

According to the Sunday Express, Meghan is a self-proclaimed foodie who is the creative mind behind The Tig, an online lifestyle magazine which publishes articles on travel, beauty, and fashion.

Meghan Is Passionate About Humanitarianism:

Although she has access to all of the glitzy perks that a role on a major television show can offer, Rachel keeps global humanitarian causes close to her heart.

As the Sunday Express reports, Markle is an ambassador for World Vision Canada, an NGO dedicated to assisting impoverished children around the world. Sounds like she and Prince Harry are a great match where this is concerned as he’s known for supporting lots of humanitarian causes too, like the aforementioned Invictus games.

So, do you think that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry make a cute couple? Let us know in the comments below.

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