Voter Fraud Videos Get 77,500 Views -- Allege Electronic Voting Machines Won't Let Voters Choose Trump, Only Clinton Or Johnson

Paula Mooney

There are a couple of videos getting plenty of views, found under the #voterfraud hashtag on Instagram. As seen in the below video and description, it is being alleged that the electronic voting machine wouldn't allow a voter in Louisiana to choose "Donald J. Trump of New York and Michael R. Pence of Indiana" for their Republican Party presidential and vice presidential candidates.

It shows the voter appearing to try and choose Trump/Pence several times, with no results. When the voter presses the "Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Timothy Michael Kaine of Virginia" option for the Democratic Party, the light illuminates in green next to Hillary's name.

Pressing the "Gary Johnson of New Mexico and Bill Weld of Massachusetts" for the Libertarian Party also results in a green light coming on next to Johnson's name. However, the video appears to show that no matter how many times to voter presses Trump's option, the light does not come on.

Whereas some are crying "voter fraud" -- others online are saying that the users needed to press the illuminated option in order to de-select Clinton/Kaine in order to choose Trump/Pence.

That video shows a user pressing the "Donald J. Trump President/Presidente and Michael R. Pence Vice President/Vice Presidente" option to no avail.

The Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine light is illuminated in that video.

It doesn't appear if either user in the above so-called "voter fraud" videos tried to de-select the Clinton/Kaine option or other illuminated options prior to trying to select the Trump/Pence option.

According to the description of the video, that video supposedly shows voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Other reports and claims of voter fraud aren't all related to electronic voting machines.

More details about the above instances would need to be reported -- such as the names of the people who actually filmed the videos and the exact polling locations -- in order to verify claims of voter fraud. The below Twitter video and Project Veritas video spills more beans about the instructional ballot.

On Instagram, the hashtag #voterfraud has swelled to 8,857 posts thus far.

On Twitter, the #voterfraud hashtag is being used by people such as one seen in the video below, with Brittany Foreman alleging that she witnessed voter fraud when she saw voters being assisted whilst voting.

"While undercover, James O'Keefe was given a Democratic voter guide in a north Philadelphia district while a PVA journalist was told by an election worker to vote for Hillary Clinton. Both acts are illegal under Pennsylvania law."

However, it is a hoax image -- since the photo wasn't even from Election Day on November 8. It could be found via a 2015 article from Front Page Magazine.

Therefore, plenty of hype and fear about voter fraud is likely being mixed in with real stories of voter fraud -- which might not be as massive as some folks would like others to believe.

"I gave up after 2 machines and 20 minutes."

"Hope he figured it out. You have to hit the selected name again to un-select. Then cast your vote."

"Hope he figured it out. You have to hit the selected name again to un-select. Then cast your vote."

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