WWE News: WWE's Cruiserweight Division Headed From 'WWE RAW' To 'WWE SmackDown Live?'

Joe Burgett

WWE's Cruiserweight Division has been quite amazing since it hit the main stage, but obviously, most feel it would be better suited if the division left WWE RAW and went to WWE SmackDown Live. Why would fans want it to shift brands? It is pretty simple. It has always truly been the SmackDown division. SmackDown always treated the division and its talent far better. Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and several other cruiserweight wrestlers had multiple chances to make their name with the blue brand while also being smaller.

Many others like Matt and Jeff Hardy, also smaller performers at the time, did well on the blue brand. Matt would end up being a highlight of the division too. It makes sense for the blue brand to have it, or at least have their own cruiserweight title too just like WWE RAW. Splitting the wrestlers up instead of putting them all on one brand is a better plan anyway.

It appears though that WWE would like to shift things. According to Ringside News, after SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan announced that Kalisto would be challenging The Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Title at WWE Survivor Series later this month, it did seem to start rumors on a move of the championship. It is worth noting that WWE 205 Live, the company's newest WWE Network show, will be going on live each and every week right after SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights taking place from the same arena that SmackDown Live will be part of.

Essentially, SmackDown Live will be three-hour product followed by their talk show on the network of course called Talking Smack, which will also go on live. That said, what better way to make the title mean something than to have it featured on the blue brand each week followed by its own show right after? It is also worth noting that the moment WWE announced the title would head to WWE RAW during the WWE Draft period, rumors already claimed SmackDown would eventually get their own cruiserweight division.

This was in the planning stages for some time, so it makes total sense that WWE would consider putting the title on the blue brand eventually. It does seem odd that they would end up putting the entire division on SmackDown and not just give part of the division to the brand, though. It is also interesting that WWE plans to put two titles on the line at Survivor Series that cross brand lines.

The WWE Intercontinental Title will be on the line and Cageside Seats claims that it could switch to the WWE RAW brand with the Cruiserweight Title heading to SmackDown by the end of Survivor Series. It would be terrible for such a situation to occur because no mid-card title would be on the blue brand while RAW had two of them. If anything, it would be better to just switch the purple belt to the blue brand if anything.

No one really gets hurt with the loss of the Cruiserweight Title because the wrestlers go with it. Meanwhile, several wrestlers would not have a way to stand out without a mid-card championship. We very well should keep that in mind when going into the event next weekend. The Cruiserweight division may need to move simply because of the new 205 show, but the IC Title may need to stick around.

What may very well occur is that SmackDown will take the Cruiserweight Title but drop the win to WWE RAW in the main event men's match. The blue brand keeps the IC Title, wins another title to take with them, but lose the big match of the night. It may not seem like an even trade, but the entire WWE Draft was not even to the blue brand...so I think we're even.

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