Jaden Smith Flirts With Chloe Ferry At The EMAs After Mistaking Her For Ex Kylie Jenner [Video]

Jaden Smith raised quite a few eyebrows after misidentifying a lovely lady at the EMAs. Reportedly, Jaden thought the hot blonde across the room was his ex-girlfriend Kylie Jenner, so he sidled up to her and began chatting her up. The problem? Jaden Smith hadn’t spotted Kylie at all, but rather Chloe Ferry of the British reality TV show Geordie Shore.


Never one to miss a chance with the ladies, Jaden Smith made the most of his social faux pas. Rather than ditching the 21-year-old blonde beauty, Jaden spent the rest of the night talking to her, reports Mirror U.K. According to Jaden Smith himself, his initial decision to approach Chloe was a complete and utter mistake, based solely on mistaken identity. Jaden really thought she was Kylie. Like a gentleman, though, when 18-year-old Jaden Smith realized his mistake, he realized that he hadn’t done too badly for himself after all.

According to a source, Jaden Smith’s unexpected attention came as a bit of a surprise to Chloe, but she wasn’t about to turn away the attention-grabbing interaction. And, at least according to the source, Jaden Smith was honest with her about why he’d hit her up, too.

“Chloe got a shock when Jaden came bowling over to her but she lapped it up. He told her he thought she was Kylie Jenner who he used to date and is still friends with.”

Not the most flattering of all of the come-ons Jaden could have used, but honesty is the best policy. Unfortunately for Chloe, while she was able to (accidentally) capture the attention of Jaden Smith, the flirtation was only temporary.


While others at the EMAs watched Jaden and Chloe flirt like horny bunnies at the after-party, eventually Jaden Smith apparently got his fill. According to entranced onlookers, as the evening waned, another girl caught Jaden’s eye. Reportedly, Jaden Smith ended up leaving with her, whoever she was.


Jaden’s behavior at the EMAs lends a lot of credibility to the rumors that he and the notorious Sarah Snyder are a couple no more. For weeks, speculation has been rampant that Jaden and Sarah had split. Both are notoriously tight-lipped about their relationship, but Jaden Smith’s cryptic social media posts have been indicative of a broken heart for a while now.


Recently, Jaden posted some pics featuring a clearly broken-up Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. The tweets came amid rumors that Jaden Smith had taken his own life. The rumors plagued the summer season, and many believed them due to the reported scandalous behavior of Snyder. In one instance, she was immortalized by photo, lying in bed with a photographer. That photographer tweeted out the incriminating pic of him snuggling up to Jaden Smith’s girl, then quickly deleted it.

But not before it became part of internet history.


In addition to Jaden Smith’s heartbroken tweets, there is more social media evidence that he and Sarah have gone their separate ways. Jaden has been conspicuously absent from Sarah Snyder’s prolific Instagram account.

While Jaden Smith’s flirtation with Geordie Shore‘s Chloe Ferry got a lot of attention at the EMAs, it definitely wasn’t Jaden’s only headline-grabbing behavior at the event. As the Mirror U.K. reports, Jaden Smith also got up close and personal with Chloe’s co-star Gary Beadle. Reportedly, Beadle was doing his thing at an after-party when he walked up on Jaden busting a few moves.

That’s when Gary whipped out his phone and recorded an epic, eye-catching dance-off between himself and Jaden Smith. What followed, according to slightly scarred eyewitnesses, was the stuff of nightmarish legends.

“Imagine Jaden Smith downing jagarbombs at Tup Tup Palace before spewing up a kebab over the Tyne.

“Imagine Jaden Smith semi-comatose while Chloe Ferry grinds furiously on his lap.”

All in all, it sounds like Jaden Smith had a good night at the EMAs, and he got some fab publicity, too.

[Featured Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]