YouTuber Eugenia Cooney Anorexic? Viewers Want This Vlogger Banned For Being ‘Too Thin’

Eugenia Cooney is the name of a 22-year-old YouTuber from Connecticut who many viewers are referring to as “too thin” or anorexic. Some viewers are even concerned that she is encouraging young girls who follow her to become anorexic as well.

According to Medical Daily, Eugenia Cooney is a YouTuber with nearly a million followers. Despite having so many subscribers, a petition on is demanding that she be banned from the website. Medical Daily goes on to report that roughly a week ago, the petition had acquired more than 18,000 signatures demanding the anorexic YouTuber get banned in order for her to receive help for her serious medical condition.

The petition claimed the physical appearance of Eugenia Cooney confirmed she was anorexic. In addition to being concerned for her health, many are concerned young girls watching Eugenia would also become anorexic in an attempt to lose an unhealthy amount of weight.

The petition to get the YouTuber banned in order to save young girls from becoming anorexic has since been removed from the website. The alert when you try to search for the petition claims it was either removed by the person who started it or taken down because it violated the website’s community guidelines.

Eugenia Cooney recently explained in a video called “I’m Sorry” about how the intention of her videos on YouTube was never to promote healthy weight loss. In the video, she apologizes for angering or upsetting anyone about the subject.

“I feel like so many people on the internet hate me right now and seem to think I’m a really bad person. They think I’m too skinny or have a ‘problem.’ They say I’m a bad influence on girls, but I’ve never encouraged or told people to look like me.”

Eugenia proceeds to talk about her struggles with being bullied at school and claims she’s used to getting a lot of negative attention. You can watch the video titled “I’m Sorry” below.

In the video, Cooney talks about how she does not want to continue to encourage negative comments and behaviors. She mentions the fact that other YouTubers have started making videos to talk about how unhealthy she is. Some have even used dramatic titles claiming she was dead or going to die soon. Others have made videos wanting to cut off her fan base until she deals with being anorexic.

Some of Cooney’s accusers believe she is using YouTube and being extremely thin in order to make money. These same accusers believe she has no incentive to gain back a healthy amount of weight.

“Some people have been titling videos with very dramatic things, like ‘Eugenia Cooney died’ or ‘Eugenia Cooney might die soon’ but don’t worry guys; I’m not dead or gonna die right now. Don’t worry, I’m alive and okay. The whole situation has been really upsetting.”

The creator of the petition claims the intention was not to belittle or insult the anorexic YouTuber but to express concern for the fact that she may be unintentionally influencing her young viewers to lose an unhealthy amount of weight.

On the petition, one commenter talked about how her 12-year-old cousin lost 17 pounds because she “wanted to look like Eugenia.”

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, roughly 90 to 95 percent of individuals who are anorexic are also female. Statistically, 20 percent of people who struggle with being anorexic will die. In her videos and on social media, Cooney never admits to being anorexic. She claims she is a healthy and a naturally skinny girl.

Do you think YouTuber Eugenia Cooney is anorexic, or is she really just healthy and naturally skinny? If she is anorexic, do you think there is any merit in banning her from YouTube in order to help her get her health under control?

[Featured Image by Eugenia Cooney/Instagram]