Kate Middleton Pregnant? Duke And Duchess Are Having A Royal Baby [Report]

Kate Middleton isn't pregnant yet, but it looks like she might be soon. The Morning Ledger recently reported that the duchess plans on having a baby in 2017.

Allegedly, the royal has been showing signs of pregnancy for quite some time. Earlier this year, Middleton was supposed to go to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics with her husband, Prince William, but she canceled her trip since she was supposedly suffering from morning sickness. The royal was apparently fearful of contracting the Zika virus. Although these rumors continue to circulate, Kensington Palace has yet to confirm whether or not they're true.

Kate Middleton being pregnant has allegedly caused an onslaught of drama within her family. For starters, the duchess' younger sister, Pippa Middleton, is supposedly fearful that her May 2017 wedding will be overshadowed by her sister's baby. While Kate was originally supposed to be the maid of honor on her sister's special day, the royal has reportedly decided to not to attend the event.

Duchess Kate Middleton is apparently fearful that she'll upstage her sister on her wedding day. Not only will journalists want to see the royal's baby bump but also what she's wearing. Her goal is to allegedly avoid scrutiny from the media.

Kate Middleton getting pregnant has been the talk of the town for quite a while. In early September, Us Weekly reported that the duchess wanted to have "a third baby soon," explained a royal insider. However, those close to the duchess thought that she would be expecting by the end of this year.

"It would not surprise me if they were pregnant by Christmas."
Although Middleton and Prince William haven't confirmed their 2017 pregnancy, the royal couple should plan for the possibility, accordingly. To start, the could needs to change any plans for royal tours, especially to countries with the Zika virus. Additionally, Middleton suffers from very severe morning sickness, so traveling would be tough.

Kate Middleton pregnant hasn't been confirmed yet, but Ok! claims that the duchess is expecting. A supposed insider source claims that the duke and duchess have been trying for months.

"Kate and William have been ­actively trying for another little one, and all the signs are there that she's pregnant."
The gender of the impending child has yet to be confirmed, explained the royal insider. Still, the palace is apparently "buzzing about the baby's gender." In addition, the source claims that "everyone is convinced it's a girl," simply because the duchess is "carrying high."
Kate Middleton pregnant wouldn't be a surprise to some. A Kensington palace insider claims that Middleton eluded to suffering from health issues, while on her Canadian tour.
"So far the terrible morning sickness she endured the other two times hasn't been an issue."
Prince William has supposedly been taking care of his darling pregnant. The duke has been making sure she remains in tip top shape, before having their third child. A royal insider spoke to this.
"She's banned caffeine and alcohol — even her evening sherry — and she's taking it easy... He won't let her lift a finger!"
Kate Middleton pregnant would be welcomed by the royal family. Though a year ago, that might not have been the case. Us Weekly interviewed an insider, who claimed that the duke and the duchess are ready to have another baby.
"I think they both would have been overwhelmed at the thought of a third child a year ago, but now it sounds perfect. They've both always wanted a big family."
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