Group Of Illegal Immigrants Caught Traveling Around Arizona Voting At Multiple Polling Places For Clinton [Hoax]

An online story, debunked by Snopes, claims that a group of “illegals” was caught traveling from polling place to polling place in Arizona to vote multiple times for the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

According to the claim by the website, Fox 10 Phoenix reported that last Friday, vigilant citizens a small crowd of “illegals” traveling in a white van with fake identification papers, fake voter registration cards, and stolen social security numbers.

The “illegals” were spotted and stopped only after they had voted for Clinton at several polling places, the story claimed.

They first voted at around 9 a.m. at Desert Wind Middle School in Pinal County, according to the story. Traveling in a white van, the group was later seen at about 10: 30 a.m. at Santa Rosa Elementary School, where they also voted.

Two hours later they arrived in the same large white van at the Global Water Center and tried once again to vote.

But they were unable to vote this time because watchful citizens who had noticed them moving from polling place to polling place had alerted poll workers. A poll watcher reportedly approached them and pretended to take a poll by asking them who they voted for.

“I am voting for Hillary Clinton many times,” one of the alleged “illegals,” identified as Jose Gutierrez, said in broken English and with a thick foreign accent, according to

“Sanders would have been the man to lose to Trump… Instead, we have Pantsuits McCriminal … what happened Friday proves she will do anything to win.”

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton [Image by Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock]

However, online fact-checker Snopes noted that failed to substantiate its story, and also significantly, no major news site reported it.

The story linked to Fox 10 Phoenix (KSAZ-TV), but there was no evidence that the news site ever reported the story, as claimed. only linked to the main landing page of Fox 10 Phoenix instead of the alleged news article page.

Snopes also noted that the story failed to mention or suggest that the poll workers notified the authorities as they would have done if they had actually received information that a group of “illegals” were moving about voting in multiple polling places.

The story only says that a poll watcher approached them and asked who they had voted for.

Voting at a polling place
A van-load of 'Illegals' voted at multiple polling places, according to online story [Image by Rick Bowmer/AP Photo]

Arizona voters are required to show identification at pre-assigned voting places. And because voter identification documents are cross-checked to verify authenticity, it is unlikely that a “van full of illegals” would have been able to move around freely in the same large white van, voting successfully at multiple polling places, Snopes noted.

The online fact-checker also pointed out that the photograph of the alleged white van in which the “illegals” traveled was recycled from several previous hoax stories about voter fraud and undocumented immigrants. describes itself on its “About” page.

“We are a group of educated, God-fearing Christian conservative patriots who are tired of Obama’s tyrannical reign and ready to see a strong Republican take the White House. We are sovereign citizens who want our government to keep its nose out of our business. We believe in guns, God and the Constitution and will go to any lengths to take out country back from the whiny, politically correct liberal masses.”

The “About” page also includes a disclaimer that reveals that the website is actually a fake news site that publishes “news stories” that contain “information from sources that may or may not be reliable and facts that don’t necessarily exist.”

“The Resistance may include information from sources that may or may not be reliable and facts that don’t necessarily exist. All articles should be considered satirical and any and all quotes attributed to actual people complete and total baloney.”

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