MacBook Pro 2016 Shipping: Customers To Receive Touch Bar Model Soon?

On Monday, news regarding MacBook Pro 2016 shipping began to surface. According to AppleInsider, a few customers who were early purchasers of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar have begun seeing that Apple has now charged their credit cards. This is a sign that a new MacBook Pro may soon be showing up on their doorstep.

“Multiple reports collated by AppleInsider and other sources show that Apple is gearing up for the first wave of shipments of the 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, in every configuration. The credit card charges being made on Monday seem limited to those who ordered machines on the day of or the day after the Oct. 27 “Hello Again” press event.”

More information on MacBook Pro 2016 shipping was made available by Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac. According to that report, Apple customers usually receive their products a short time after their credit cards are charged, but as of Monday, orders had not been updated to show an expected delivery date.

“Apple typically begins shipping devices shortly after charging credit cards, but so far it appears to have not yet changed the status of orders to provide an expected delivery day. Apple usually changes orders from ‘Processing’ to ‘Shipped’ after charging cards, at which time customers should have a more accurate estimated delivery date provided compared to Apple’s original estimated week-long window.”

MacBook Pro 2016 shipping for the Touch Bar model may be just around the corner. AppleInsider reports that the first wave of customers typically receives their shipments between November 11 and November 18, with the wait lasting until November 25 at the absolute latest.

AppleInsider also states that customers who ordered their MacBook Pro a little bit later (those who ordered two or more days after the Hello Again event) do not appear to have had their credit cards charged. However, some have seen their expected delivery dates move up from the end of December to mid-December, meaning it could still arrive in time for the holiday season for some who may have purchased it as a gift. For in-store purchases, baseline models are reportedly expected to be available around November 15, but it will be a longer wait for the more advanced models.

The news of MacBook Pro 2016 shipping should be a big source of excitement for those who have been excited about the product since it was first announced. When the newest version was first unveiled, Apple marketed it as “the thinnest and lightest” MacBook Pro to date. The 13-inch model was reported to be 17 percent thinner than the last model, and the 15-inch model was said to be 14 percent thinner.

Many other exciting features were revealed as well. The biggest element that stands out about the new MacBook Pro is the revolutionary Touch Bar feature. AppleInsider describes the Touch Bar as being “application specific,” giving users “dynamic buttons and input options” and providing fast entry to popular tools. The new model will also feature a Touch ID fingerprint, which enables a user to log into their device or even make payments with only his or her fingerprint.

Updates regarding MacBook Pro 2016 shipping and the volume and frequency at which they are going out should continue to be in the news as well. DigiTimes recently reported on how the demand for the product is expected to be strong, and there are market watchers who expect shipments to surpass 15 million units this year alone.

“Thanks to the recent rising MacBook Pro shipments, some market watchers expect Apple’s MacBook shipments to reach 15 million units in 2016, with shipments staying at that level in 2017.”

The MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar is also very expensive, with prices ranging from $1,789 to over $4,000. But if it is in your price range and you have already made a purchase of this new, state-of-the-art product, it may be time to look for an update.

Your MacBook Pro 2016 shipping status could change very soon, especially if you were an early buyer.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]