WWE News: WWE Hands Down Punishment To Sin Cara For Fight With Chris Jericho

The big news in the world of sports entertainment over the weekend, and spilling into Monday, was an incident behind the scenes between WWE superstars Sin Cara and Chris Jericho. As the Inquisitr reported on Monday, the altercation took place on a WWE bus and stemmed from Sin Cara making noises that the other passengers felt were annoying.

When other WWE superstars and employees asked Sin Cara to stop making the noises, he proceeded to make them even louder which, of course, only seemed to make things worse. It was then that Jericho stepped in to try and make him stop. Jericho demanded that he stop and Sin Cara told him to “f*** off.” Originally, it was reported that Sin Cara took a swing at Jericho, but apparently, it was the other way around.

Y2J’s attempted right hand missed the mark, and the two then briefly scuffled until it was broken up. When they were tied up, Sin Cara’s hand was near Jericho’s mouth, so Chris ended up biting Sin Cara’s finger. The masked cruiserweight was then kicked off the bus as the crew was on its way from Leeds, England, to Glasgow, Scotland, the site of Monday’s RAW and Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live.


As noted, during the scuffle, Jericho told Sin Cara that he would no longer work for the WWE, but nothing that drastic has happened as of yet. Sin Cara, however, was punished for the incident, which is another on a growing list. According to a report from the Daily Wrestling News, the WWE is forcing Sin Cara to take anger management classes, though as of now, it won’t affect his status with the company.

There was a growing feeling among many WWE employees that Sin Cara was going to be fired for the altercation, but as mentioned, those measures have not been taken. It’s safe to assume that if he complies with the discipline bestowed upon him and maintains a positive demeanor from now on, he’ll remain employed by the WWE.

The fact is, though, that Sin Cara has been involved with several backstage incidents, with this being the third that has been documented. Cara came out on the winning end of the previous two, with one involving Sheamus several years ago and the other against Simon Gotch of The Vaudevillains this past summer. It’s also been noted that Sin Cara tends to be near a lot of similar action backstage even if he isn’t directly involved.


It’s worth noting that Jericho has now gotten his hands dirty twice backstage in the last three months, but he hasn’t been punished for either. Jericho, of course, confronted Brock Lesnar following the SummerSlam main event and had to be broken apart when Vince McMahon assured him that the finish to the match that left Randy Orton bloody was a work and not a shoot.

Y2J continued in the top angle on RAW and competed in the fatal five-way main event. His best friend Kevin Owens inadvertently pinned him, which will further tease the two’s eventual break-up. On the flip side, many believed the incident on the bus would have precluded Sin Cara from appearing on RAW, but that too, was not the case.

Sin Cara teamed with Rich Swann in a Cruiserweight tag team match against Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar, as recapped by WWE.com.

“William Wallace himself couldn’t have gotten the hero’s reception that Scotland’s own Noam Dar earned upon making his debut as The Brian Kendrick’s partner against Rich Swann & Sin Cara. Unfortunately, Dar’s maiden voyage to Monday Night Raw ended in defeat, though he wasn’t about to take the blame for the loss lying down. Swann pinned Kendrick after Sin Cara took out Dar with a swanton to the outside, and Kendrick, enraged at the loss, attempted to beat on the debuting Scot for the defeat. But Dar quickly turned the aggression around on The Wizard of Odd and sent him scrambling from the ring. The debut of ‘205 Live’ may still be a couple of weeks away, but there’ll be no shortage of drama when that day comes.”

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