Jax Taylor On Relationship With Brittany: They Are Expanding Their Family!

Jax Taylor has been with Brittany Cartwright for quite some time, and some of his friends are surprised that he’s been able to hold a relationship for that long. For a while, some people were worried that he was cheating with guests at SUR and with fans of Vanderpump Rules, but it sounds like he doesn’t need to cheat to mess up his relationship. On last night’s premiere episode, Jax started spreading a rumor about Brittany. He claimed that he had walked in on his girlfriend getting oral sex from Kristen Doute. Even though both of them denied it happened, Taylor couldn’t stop talking about it and spreading the story around their group of friends.

According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that things are great with Brittany, even though she threatened to leave him on last night’s episode. In her confessional interviews, she kept talking about how much she had given up to move to Los Angeles to be with him. She had family and friends back in Kentucky, who she had left behind, and she had no problems packing her bags and going back to Kentucky if Taylor kept spreading rumors about her.

“The best thing to happen to me, We go through are ups and downs but she is my everything! Can’t imagine being with out you Brittany Cartwright,” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter after the episode aired, adding that he didn’t want to put up with any haters or hateful comments about his behavior, adding in a separate tweet, “I will block all bullying and so will the cast, no patients for that crap. You have been warned. And on that note enjoy the show.”

It sounds like Brittany has forgiven Taylor for whatever he did about six months ago when they started filming the show. Jax was convinced that he saw them having oral sex, even though both girls denied it happening. He claims that he saw it happened, and he had no problems spreading the story around, even though it was clearly hurtful to Brittany. She asked him to stop talking about it, and Jax Taylor just couldn’t help himself. He even said it would be okay if she did it again, which didn’t sit well with her.


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Maybe he’s forgotten about it now because they have been able to move forward. While an engagement and marriage might be far into the future, Jax Taylor is ready to expand his family with Brittany. Even though he didn’t make an official announcement on Twitter, the news slipped during a Twitter conversation.

“Congrats to you Justin and Julie!! See you on the 15th for the game vs [Lightening and Red Wings],” Jax Taylor wrote to fans of the show, to which one of them replied, “ahh! Thank you! So happy. Excited to see you guys, Britt will be joining as well right?! we will [celebrate].”

“Yeah gonna get her to come, we are possibly getting another puppy this week so it was up in the air,” Jax Taylor announced on Twitter, sharing that he and Brittany were planning on expanding their family with an additional puppy.

And that seems to be the trend in Los Angeles, as Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz got a second puppy before they got married. They introduced their second puppy, Butter, to fans on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules.

What do you think of Jax Taylor’s behavior on last night’s episode of the show? Are you surprised that Brittany is staying with him after he spread rumors about her?

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