WWE Wrestler Daivari Smacks Down Menacing Drunk On Train [Video]

Who says professional wrestling isn’t real?

Pro wrestler Shawn Daivari has played different roles in the ring, but outside the ring he is a hero whose actions in choking out an unruly passenger were recently captured on surveillance video (see below).

Daivari was minding his own business on a train when he intervened and put a choke hold and a scissors hold on an alleged drunk who was threatening other passengers on a light-rail to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. After the 280-pound aggressor was subdued, Daivari threw the offender off the train, and the man was later found by police who at first thought he was the victim.

The incident started because the unruly man wouldn’t let another passenger put his bike in the train car’s bike rack.

TMZ had more details on the close encounter aboard the light-rail train:

“The WWE star says an uncontrollable passenger in his car became violent … shouted racial slurs and threatened to kill his fellow passengers.

“Daivari says multiple people pressed the emergency button to call for help — but NOTHING happened.

“The pro-wrestler then took matters into his own hands telling TMZ, ‘I wasn’t going to wait any longer to see if a cop showed up.’ Daivari says he threw the guy down, slapped on a rear naked choke hold on him and then threw his ass out at the next stop.”

Passengers have decided not to press charges against the offender.

Shawn Daivari has wrestled for the WWE and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and on the independent circuit.

Watch Shawn Daivari use his skills to subdue a belligerent train passenger in Minnesota with a choke hold: