ABC’s John Stossel Joins FOX News, Fox Business

Co-anchor of ABC’s 20/20 program John Stossel is leaving the network for greener pastures on Fox News and Fox Business.

According to a release from Fox News, Stossel will anchor “Stossel,” a weekly program on FOX Business Network, and make regular appearances on FOX News Channel.

The one-hour program will feature in-depth reports on domestic and international libertarian issues and will debut during the fourth quarter of this year in Fox Business News’ primetime lineup. Stossel and a panel of experts will explore a wide range of topics including civil liberties, the business of health care and Social Security.

Stossel will also host a series of one-hour specials on FOX News Channel and write a blog called “Stossel’s Take.”

Stossel’s libertarian leanings are well known, so the move to Fox isn’t that surprising. Lets hope that he keeps his head and doesn’t go all Glenn Beck on the new show.