Jenelle Evans Gives Update On Baby Girl: Stealing Spotlight From Chelsea DeBoer?

Jenelle Evans announced this summer that she was pregnant with her third child. Many had expected that she would get pregnant with David Eason sooner rather than later, even though she had previously said that she didn’t want more children until she got married. But in January, Evans will welcome her third child, a baby girl named Ensley. She’s due at the end of January, which means she’s close to six months pregnant.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now providing an update on her baby girl and it just so happens to fall around the same time that Chelsea DeBoer shared her big gender reveal. This week, there was plenty of good news coming from the Teen Mom girls, as Chelsea decided to share their gender news and Jenelle wanted to give an update on her pregnancy. Of course, DeBoer announced her pregnancy when she was just eight weeks along, while Jenelle waited until she was around 20 weeks, as she did the gender reveal in her baby announcement.

“Update on the baby… she’s healthy and weighs about 2.5 lbs. You can compare her size to an eggplant and her kicks are ninja-like too,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter as she hadn’t provided an update for her fans in a while.

But that wasn’t the only baby news she shared. Even though Jenelle Evans is only about six months along, she revealed that she’s already having some mild contractions. Of course, this is way too early, as she should try to get closer to January 28, which is her official due date. But it’s an easy way to get people’s attention, as many people will get excited about her possibly giving birth.

“These Braxton Hicks contractions are no joke, but at least this pain isn’t unfamiliar to me. #PreggoProbs,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter around the same time that Chelsea teased about a baby announcement from her.


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“How do you know when it’s Braxton-Hicks contractions versus “real” labor?” one person questioned Jenelle, to which she replied, “Braxton Hicks I compare to feeling like an Indian brush burn…. if you know what that is lol.”

Some Teen Mom fans feel that Jenelle Evans may just be sharing the contraction story to get attention. Chelsea announced that she was having a baby boy this week and people went crazy. She had been saving the news for quite some time, as they learned about the gender a few weeks ago. Chelsea and Cole had been saving the news for a special time, and when they shared the news, Jenelle Evans started tweeting about having contractions.

“It’s aaaaaaa…..BOY! Can’t wait to add a little man to our crazy crew!” Chelsea revealed on Instagram. Before her announcement, she had written tweets like, “Gender reveal COMING SOOOON………” and “We miiiiight be making an exciting announcement about baby DeBoer tonight.”

Some Teen Momviewers expected some of the other girls to use the sudden attention with DeBoer’s announcement to their advantage. While Evans was tweeting about having contractions at six months pregnant, Kailyn Lowry released an excerpt from her new book. And it was a shocking story, as she admitted to being raped. Maybe they are competing for the attention, or maybe it’s just a coincidence on the timing.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweets about her baby girl? Do you think she’s trying to compete with Chelsea or do you think she simply doesn’t care about what goes on in her co-stars’ lives?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]