'The Bachelor' 2017 Spoilers: Have Nick Viall's Final 4 Women Who Receive Hometown Dates Been Uncovered? [Updated]

Nick Viall is looking for love this winter on ABC's The Bachelor 2017 season, and people are already buzzing over spoilers that are emerging. The season debuts on January 2, but filming typically wraps up by mid-November, and various tidbits regarding the final rose recipients are coming out. Which bachelorettes are said to be Viall's final four, thus getting hometown dates?

Gossip guru Reality Steve's spoilers have already revealed that attorney Rachel Lindsay and boutique owner Raven Gates are two of Nick Viall's final four women in this Bachelor 2017 season. While he had been holding back regarding the other two ladies, teasing that he would share the scoop when he's ready, sleuthers at the Bach and Bachette Fans site thought they had figured out the other two women who would introduce their families to Nick.

Sources for some at the forum pointed toward Whitney Fransway and Kristina Schulman, but now Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that two different ladies make it to the final four: Corinne Olympios and Vanessa Grimaldi. In fact, the spoiler king originally named a different Vanessa, and he quickly had to backtrack and make a correction, indicating that it is Grimaldi who received a hometown date.

There has been a lot of mystery swirling during filming about frontrunners and such for this season, as until now, Corinne was completely off the radar and Vanessa's last name was unknown. There has been plenty of talk about Rachel and Raven, especially Rachel, with tidbits about Vanessa emerging as certain dates got spoiled. Viall has already eliminated one of his hometown date recipients as well, and there has been buzz that Gates was let go. However, Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers have yet to confirm that.

Which of these women is rumored to be a frontrunner for Viall's final rose? Reality Steve says that it's going to be 29-year-old Grimaldi, a teacher from Montreal. The Bachelor spoiler guru says that much like with Lauren Bushnell during Ben Higgins' season and Jordan Rodgers during JoJo Fletcher's Bachelorette season, Nick's focus has very much been on Vanessa and apparently it would be a shocker if that last rose went to anybody else. Confirmation on that front should emerge soon, as the overnight dates in Finland are taking place now and that last rose ceremony is right around the corner.

Not only will Bachelor spoiler fans be speculating about Nick's final rose now that the last four have been detailed, but people will start buzzing about the Bachelorette 2017 lead possibilities. While it is not absolutely guaranteed, in all likelihood, the woman handing out roses next spring will come from this group of hometown date recipients. It will take some time yet to know where the franchise is headed on this front, but there is certainly an intriguing choice or two within this group.

Will Viall find love this winter on The Bachelor? If so, which lady will snag his final rose? The group includes Lindsay, the first African American to not only score a first impression rose but also a hometown date, and she is generating a lot of support and buzz already. Gates makes a strong impression as a gal from Arkansas who is running her own boutique, and fans are anxious to see more of Pietropaolo and Olympios as well.


Some have wondered whether the ages of the ladies would be an issue this season since Nick is older than some recent leads. Viall is 36-years-old, while Olympios is 24, Grimaldi is 29, Gates is 25, and Lindsay is 31, so two of his four are relatively close to him in age. Of course, there is more to a lasting match than an age gap, and Bachelor spoiler fans are anxious to get more previews and details regarding Season 21 to see how Nick and the ladies match up beyond the tidbits that are currently available.

Will these Bachelor spoilers detailing that Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, Vanessa Grimaldi, and Corinne Olympios receive Viall's hometown dates turn out to be accurate? Which one of these final four will go on to get Nick Viall's final rose? ABC's 2017 season of The Bachelor begins airing in January, and fans are quite anxious to see how everything pans out this time around.

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