Kandi Burruss Reveals The Hardest Thing About Having Son Ace: ‘Thank God We Made It’

Kandi Burruss gave birth to her son, Ace, back in January, and she’s more than eager to show him off on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While some reality stars are a bit more protective of their children, such as Kim Kardashian and her youngest child, Kandi has no problem showing her life with her son and her husband as they wake up in the morning or when they train him on the potty. However, having a son wasn’t exactly a smooth process. Kandi revealed that it was tough to adjust when he arrived, and they didn’t get much sleep.

According to a new Bravo report, Kandi Burruss revealed that they did struggle once he arrived because he needed to get up every hour to feed in the middle of the night. And this was tough for the couple as they had to get used to his nightly feedings.

“Everything! I love kissing him. I love seeing him learn new things. I love playing with his little toes. I love rocking him to sleep! I could go on and on…The hardest thing in the beginning was getting used to no sleep and having to feed him every hour. Thank God we made it past that stage,” Kandi Burruss explained to Bravo in a new interview when the network asked her about the first episode of the season.

After the premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta this past Sunday, fans were shocked that Kandi and her husband were already potty-training their son at just four months old. But Kandi Burruss had no problem defending her decision on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, sharing that she had done the same with her daughter, and things had gone tremendously well. He’s not even one yet, and he’s already sleeping through the night without peeing in his diaper.


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Other than baby Ace, Kandi Burruss also decided to support Kenya Moore at her housewarming party. As she pointed out in a confessional interview, she hadn’t exactly kept in touch with Kenya when the show wasn’t filming. As Kandi explained, she didn’t even know if Kenya and Matt Jordan were still together. She had heard rumors in the tabloids, but she wasn’t sure if they were true. So when she learned of the housewarming party, Burruss wanted to see what had been done to the home and what Kenya had managed to complete.

“I thought it was a beautiful home, and I was proud of Kenya for the work she put in to transform that house into what it is now compared to what it was last year when I first saw it,” Kandi Burruss explained in her interview after being asked about Kenya Moore’s housewarming party.

It sounds like Kenya and Burruss get along these days, even though they haven’t always seen eye to eye. Last year, Kandi was one of the only ladies in the cast that stood up for Kenya during the reunion. While Moore was easy to pick on and blame for various troubles, Kandi thought that the ladies were just blaming her for various things that were not her fault.

What do you think of Kandi Burruss’ comments about the early stages of parenthood? Are you surprised that the first couple of weeks were tough for the couple?

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