Melissa McCarthy Flaunts 75-Lb Weight Loss In Instagram Photos Begging Fans To Vote

Melissa McCarthy has a message for her fans, and it’s not related to asking them to watch her on the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival show. Instead, McCarthy is joining other celebrities stepping up to plead with their followers to make a difference by voting. The comedienne used her social media platform to seek to make a difference in the election, including photos that show off her impressive 75-pound weight loss.

“Vote! Vote! Vote! For your sisters, your mothers, our daughters and for everyone who has made to feel less than- vote for Hillary!!!#imwithher,” urged Melissa in her Instagram caption and on Twitter.


This isn’t the first time that Melissa has sought to get her fans to vote for Hillary. The actress, 46, also posed for a picture with some pals in pursuing her goal of getting more votes for Clinton, pointed out In Touch.


McCarthy encouraged voters to join her and her friends in “getting out and voting,” showing off her slim-down success in a pink “Vote Hillary” shirt.

“Us girls are getting out and voting, you should too!” she captioned the image.

As for the secrets of that impressive weight loss she’s flaunting, Melissa has opted for a low carb diet that is high in protein, according to Foods4BetterHealth.

Melissa McCarthy flaunts her 75-pound weight loss.
Melissa McCarthy flaunts her 75-pound weight loss. [Image by Paul Conrad/Getty Images for Nordstrom]

That means McCarthy is focusing on fish, chicken and meat along with healthy fats, vegetables, and selected fruits. On her weight loss list of foods to avoid are those made with white flour, such as pastries, cake, and cookies, as well as foods containing sugar.

In addition, Melissa drinks two cups a day of green tea, sips water with lemon, and works out regularly to help with her weight loss goals, revealed the Vine Report. She also makes sure to go to bed early in order to get enough sleep.

McCarthy’s exercise routine ranges from martial arts and kickboxing to jumping rope. When it comes to strength-training and toning to help boost her weight loss, Melissa incorporates squats, push-ups, abdominal exercises and the chest press into her regime.


As for a sample day on McCarthy’s weight loss diet, every meal emphasizes protein and other low-carb choices, reported Foods4BetterHealth.

Kicking off her day, Melissa could feast on eggs, one piece of fruit, and spinach, with her mid-day meal consisting of grilled chicken and a quinoa blend that includes vegetables. Dinner might include grass-fed beef with avocado and more vegetables.

Melissa McCarthy turned to a low-carb diet to win her weight loss war.
Melissa McCarthy turned to a low-carb diet to win her weight loss war. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC]

But weight loss success doesn’t mean that McCarthy has turned her back on plus-size women. Instead, Melissa created a clothing collection for women of all sizes, called Melissa McCarthy Seven7. The actress is candid about her weight fluctuations.

“I’ve been every size under the rainbow.”

McCarthy has become known as a “supporter of plus-size women,” pointed out the media outlet, which described her as a “fashion voice for larger women.”


In addition, McCarthy is featured in Today‘s 2016 Style Heroes list. And her inclusion emphasizes the way that Melissa has succeeded in winning her weight loss war while still emphasizing her belief in the importance of positive body image for women of all sizes.

“McCarthy has never disappointed us when it comes to spreading a positive message about body image and self-confidence,” pointed out the media outlet. “She’s urged people to ‘stop tearing down women,’ and we’re grateful for every time she’s encouraged us to love ourselves, just the way we are.”


For fans longing to see more of McCarthy than her Instagram photos asking them to vote, the countdown is on to watch for her role in the Gilmore Girls revival. The four-part event premieres on Netflix on November 25, reported ET.

Although initially there was concern that McCarthy would not be able to add her presence to the group, Melissa is among those who will reprise their roles. Lauren Graham is also starring in the revival, and she revealed her excitement at working with Melissa again, summing up McCarthy’s presence as the “icing on the cake.”

[Disclaimer: The Inquisitr strongly recommends you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. The Inquisitr does not endorse any of the diets or diet techniques mentioned in this article.]

[Featured Image by Paul Conrad/Getty Images for Nordstrom]