Eric ‘Uggie’ Bowen Shot And Killed Hours Before 45th Birthday

An outpouring of love is being expressed for a man mostly known as “Uggie” to residents in Newark, New Jersey. According to RLS Media, 44-year-old Eric “Uggie” Bowen was shot and killed in Newark on or near Bergen Street and 14th Avenue. The shooting took place around 11:30 p.m. on Monday, November 7. The publication states that the man who was rushed to University Hospital was indeed Uggie, with Uggie dying shortly afterward from the shooting.

According to the below trend graph from Trendolizer, the article about Uggie has swelled to more than 10,000 social media reactions within a period of about six hours, proving just how popular Uggie was to Newark residents.

Trend graph:

RLS Media stated that they received confirmation of Uggie’s death from Uggie’s family members. The publication also reported that their staff received hundreds of messages from Newark residents — as well as those residents specifically in Essex County — who were all trying to figure out if it was indeed Uggie who was the man who was killed.

As can be seen in plenty of social media photos and videos like the ones contained in this article, Uggie was a popular dancer who entertained residents at parties, on street corners in Newark and other places. Uggie carried his radio with him most times.

Uggie died from a gunshot would to his chest — with authorities not releasing any motive for the shooting that took Uggie’s life.

On Tuesday, November 8 — Election Day as it were — Uggie would have reportedly turned 45 years of age. Due to the popularity of Uggie, coupled with the fact that it would have been Uggie’s 45th birthday, social media is being flooded with disbelieving posts that someone would shoot and kill a man like Uggie. Many comments on social media reflect the fact that folks are saying Uggie would not have hurt anyone.

According to RLS Media, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that a man was fatally shot — but has not confirmed that man as Uggie yet.

On Twitter, simply searching for the word “Uggie” turns up a plethora of reactions. Most of those reactions are a mix between “rest in peace” wishes combined with wishes for Uggie’s 45th birthday. As witnessed by some of the social media reactions listed below, the reaction to Uggie’s death proves just how shocked folks are that someone would take Uggie’s life. They are also a big testament to Uggie’s popularity, with some people writing that if a man like Uggie could be killed shortly before his birthday, it seems as though no one is safe in Newark.


“Y’all gotta find who killed Uggie!!! Know it’s not you personally but they need to be off the streets!!!”

“RIP Uggie…Happy Birthday to you.”

“I’m still not off the fact that they killed Uggie. Why?”

“R.I.P Uggie. It’s really cold out here.”

“Uggie ain’t ever bother nobody… those funny a** videos coming to an end.. Newark crazy smh.”

“That’s sad someone killed Uggie. He was always so happy.”

“RIP UGGIE, a Newark, NJ LEGEND. Just was murdered and today would’ve been his birthday too. Rest in peace, King. The streets love NO ONE.”

“They really did kill Uggie on his birthday.”

Newark is known for its large population, as well as the city’s 3,000 cherry blossom trees. As seen in the below photo Mase and Diddy recently performed at the Bad Boy Family Reunion concert in Newark. The concert was held at The Prudential Center.

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Bishop T.D. Jakes can be seen in the below photo speaking in at the Prudential Center, in Newark, before Jakes’ new TV show premiered.

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