Amy Duggar King Explains Why She Skipped Cousin Jinger Duggar’s Wedding

Amy Duggar King was a no-show for the latest supersized Duggar wedding, but the country singing cousin says she had a good reason. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Amy revealed that she was absolutely invited to her cousin Jinger Duggar’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo, but that a previously scheduled engagement with her husband that kept her from making the trip to Arkansas. Amy King also made it clear that there is no bad blood between herself and the rest of the Duggar family.

“I was absolutely invited,” Amy told ET. ” I love my family! There is no riff between me and my cousins at all. It was just wrong timing. We already had something scheduled.”

So, what could take precedence over a wedding boasting 1,000 of the Duggar clan’s closest friends? Turns out Amy and her husband, Dillon King, couldn’t have been in a more opposite place than Jinger Duggar was as she tied the knot with Vuolo in hometown Arkansas. Amy and her husband spent the weekend in Sin City, where King’s truck was part of a specialty car and auto parts trade show. The high-profile Las Vegas event put King’s souped-up truck in front of 60,000 professionals and buyers.

“It was Dillon’s dream to be a part of it and his truck was being sponsored!” Amy told ET. “This was planned a year in advance, so there was no way I could let my husband go without me. I let my family know I loved them and that I couldn’t make it.”

Of course, Amy Duggar King knows that with only four of her 19 Duggar cousins now married, there will be plenty more weddings coming up over the next few years.

“I hated to miss it but I know there will be many more and that I will get to celebrate with her when we get back!” Amy said.

Amy Duggar King was present at the weddings of her other Duggar cousins Josh, Jill, and Jessa, but those ceremonies were held before the Duggar family’s lives went into a tailspin. In fact, Amy’s own wedding planning last fall was affected by the actions of her cousin Josh Duggar, who made headlines for molestation and cheating scandals in 2015.

Earlier this year, Us Weekly posted excerpts of Amy’s lengthy blog post in which she revealed that she found out the news about her Duggar cousin’s double life at the same time the rest of the world did when hackers released his personal information on cheating website Ashley Madison. Josh Duggar went on to confess that he had cheated on his wife and mother of his four kids, Anna, and he called himself a hypocrite.

“Life was just wonderful,” Amy Duggar King wrote of her wedding planning. “Until one of my family members made some terrible confessions. I knew nothing of the molestation charges. I was completely shocked just like the rest of the world. The only difference was I was being fitted for my wedding dress with tears running down my face and a glass of wine in my hand as the news broke.”

Amy Duggar King went on to call her cousin “a fraud” and “a complete stranger” to her.

“Rage came over me, sadness crept in, and reality sat in that the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger,” Amy wrote. “I’ve always heard that there were people in this world that lived a double life, but I never thought that someone so close to home would be living a lie.”

Of course, Josh Duggar did attend his sister Jinger’s wedding, so perhaps it’s best that Amy was in a different city that day.

Jinger Duggar’s wedding to Jeremy Vuolo will be shown on the family’s TLC reality series, Counting On.

[Featured Image by Amy Duggar Instagram]