WWE News: Seth Rollins Added To ‘Raw’ Team For ‘Survivor Series,’ Shield Reunion Becoming A Reality

With the Survivor Series just around the corner, the latest WWE news has been dedicated to getting the Team Red lined up for the competition against Team Blue. And it looks like Raw has just added a very strong contender to their Survivor Series team, and brought The Shield reunion one step closer to reality!

That’s the word according to Sky Sports, whose latest WWE news report confirms that Seth Rollins has been added to the Raw team to compete against the best of the best of SmackDown in the Survivor Series. Rollins will be joining his former Shield stable mate, Roman Reigns, along with Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho, and Braun Strowman to face off against the SmackDown team (whose final lineup has not been announced as of yet).

It will be interesting to see if Dean Ambrose does, indeed, join the SmackDown team to face off against his two former teammates. If he does, that will make a Shield reunion — a full Shield reunion, not just a partial one — a reality, even though they’d all be on different sides. Although, here’s an interesting plot twist. What if the three team members team up for one last go-round to defeat all of their enemies?

Meanwhile, the latest WWE news report from Forbes Magazine suggests that this “plot twist” will, in fact, become a reality as The Shield reunites. Recognizing that the so-called “rules” go out the window at the Survivor Series, Forbes recognizes that the three fighters are the only reason to watch the show. The Goldberg-Lesnar beef has petered out, and the novelty of a legendary fighter has worn off. What other reason is there, according to Forbes, to watch the Survivor Series than to see one of the greatest reunions of all time?

It’s worth noting, too, that there has been talk of a Shield reunion for awhile now in the WWE. The company had been talking about reuniting The Shield either at Wrestlemania or at the Survivor Series, so even if the reunion at the latter is only temporary, it will make the show worth watching.

“Bringing Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose back together as friends rather than foes is perhaps the lone major trick WWE has up its sleeve that doesn’t involve a part-time wrestler. Whereas WWE tends to rely on the likes of wrestle-one-match-then-leave superstars like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The Undertaker and Triple H, The Shield consists of three full-time superstars who could benefit from the rub that each star would receive from working with his former Shield teammate.”

And the latest WWE news from Bleacher Report suggests that this, indeed, would be a good move for Rollins as a wrestler, even if it means Roman Reigns takes a huge step backwards.

But Seth Rollins is on a “face” path, and according to Bleacher Report, if he continues with more promotion that focuses on him as a wrestler, rather than him as a “face” (or a heel) and something that shows his moves (and he has them). He’s also going to need to focus more on being a professional wrestler, rather than being a character (because he doesn’t have the star quality that Roman Reigns and, to a lesser extent, Dean Ambrose has). Finally, he’s also going to have to fight more and really establish his name in the company.

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[Featured Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]