Miley Cyrus Does Not Want To Wed Liam Hemsworth? Why She May Have Dropped Wrecking Ball On Love

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth recently reignited their romance, with reports that the two were engaged again and even were involved in planning the perfect wedding. But now Miley allegedly has decided she no longer wants to tie the knot with Liam. Why is Cyrus dropping a wrecking ball on those wedding plans, and is Hemsworth somehow to blame?


When it comes to improving their chances for a love that lasts, Miley and Liam initially appeared to have succeeded. The two sought to avoid the harsh spotlight of the media, supposedly seeking to take their romance one step at a time after reconciling, according to the Mirror. But now there’s a dramatic change in that positive outlook for their future together.

“Miley Cyrus has claimed that she doesn’t actually want to marry Liam Hemsworth,” the media outlet informed readers.

Sorry, Liam Hemsworth, but Miley Cyrus feels that ring is "too bling."
Sorry, Liam Hemsworth, but Miley Cyrus feels that ring is "too bling." [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Cyrus and Hemsworth first broke up in 2013 and then seemed to be sailing smoothly on the love boat again this year. Now, however, Miley wants off, and even though the two reportedly are engaged again and Liam wants to wed, the “Wrecking Ball” singer has decided she is not “marriage material,” according to a source cited by the Mirror.

“[Miley is] dropping all these hints that she’s not marriage material but [Liam is] not catching on at all.”

Although Hemsworth isn’t clued into how Cyrus feels, Liam’s brother Chris is concerned, added the insider. Chris and his wife, Elsa Pataky, have three youngsters (India, 4, and 2-year-old twin sons Tristan and Sasha), and from his mature perspective, Chris is “worried” that Liam is on the track for heartache once more, according to the insider.


“If [Cyrus and Hemsworth] don’t get on the same page soon, it’ll only end in heartbreak for him,” summed up the source.

Moreover, Miley recently confessed that she dislikes the diamond ring that Hemsworth gave her when he proposed, explaining that she even avoids wearing it because it is “too bling.” Ouch.

“Sometimes I replace [the engagement ring] with an actual unicorn or a Looney Tune.”

Cyrus also admitted that Liam questioned why she wasn’t wearing it, revealing that she informed him she only sported it at times “because you love me.” So does Miley return that love?


Cyrus has been increasingly dissatisfied with her relationship with Hemsworth, an insider told Life & Style. The source revealed that Miley, 23, called off her wedding to the Australian actor, 26, because of their very different personalities.

“[Liam] can’t keep up with [Miley] and she’s been finding life with him to be a snoozefest.”

But it’s not just that Cyrus feels her relationship with Hemsworth is boring, however. The insider also revealed that Miley and Liam have fought over her alleged pot smoking, with Cyrus left “in tears” following a recent clash.

Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth clashing over her alleged pot smoking?
Are Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth clashing over her alleged pot smoking? [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for CFN]

The allegations that Miley no longer wants to wed Liam come as a shock, pointed out Yahoo Celebrity, which noted that Cyrus “reportedly spent two years pining for Liam Hemsworth after their 2013 split.”

Now that she has Hemsworth once more, however, Miley “doesn’t seem like a woman keen to get married,” according to a source cited by the media outlet. Visiting Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show recently, Cyrus admitted that she is “not ready to be a wife,” and that’s reportedly one reason why Liam’s brother Chris is so concerned, clarified the source.

When Miley talks about her relationship with Liam, it’s not positive, added the insider.

“[Miley is] never saying that they’re going great or how happy [Liam] makes her. Instead it’s all about how she doesn’t like this or that.”

But Hemsworth “really wants to make it official” with Cyrus, according to the source. In contrast, Miley talked about her views on marriage in general during her visit to Ellen’s talk show.

“I think young people have a different idea of partnering and [don’t need] to have a legal document signed and dated,” opined Cyrus.

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