‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Theresa’s Escape Plan, Abby’s Return To Salem Revealed

Days of Our Lives spoilers come one after the other as shocking revelations put Theresa in a position where she had to portray herself as a bad girl to save her family.

According to a previous Inquisitr report, Jen Lilley has already set a deadline for fans of Theresa to get the most out of her, as the character will soon be bidding farewell to the longest-running show on television.

Posting the big reveal on Instagram, Lilley confirmed that Theresa only has a few weeks left on Days of Our Lives to make an impression before she leaves the show.

But because of the character’s reputation in the past, many seem happy that the character will be removed from the soap.

Even so, fans still speculate on how Lilley’s character will be offed, all while monitoring Days of Our Lives spoilers in the process.


In the past, Theresa had become a character who was effective in making fans hate her. Now, she appears to be using that exact same scenario as her escape from the dangers brought about by Mateo without causing any harm to Brady (Eric Martsolf) and their baby, Tate.

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Theresa will use her checkered past to push Brady away, and it seems like the plan will work like a charm.

Since she cannot run off without putting Brady and Tate in danger, she decided to make the love of her life think she had returned to the dark side.

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Theresa begins to pretend to be “the cruel and risky woman she used to be” — a druggie who Brady might decide to remove from his son’s life.

Considering that she had come this far in changing her ways, Brady appears to be affected more than he should, and it will hurt him to choose between standing by Theresa and protecting Tate from the dangers she brings.

While Brady still tries to help Theresa with her predicament, he soon realizes that his efforts are wasted considering the lady’s attitude towards it all — or so he thinks.

But while it may all seem real to Brady, Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Theresa is purposely making him hate her in order to save him and baby Tate from her dangerous past that haunts her.

On a lighter note, fans of the TV show are in for a treat as Marci Miller hints at Abby’s return to Days of Our Lives.

A report from Yahoo TV revealed the first look at the newest Days of Our Lives supercouple Abigail “Abby” Deveraux (Marci Miller) and Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) or “Chabby.”


Speaking to Yahoo TV, Miller revealed how her character will re-enter Salem in a twist that will shatter all belief of her loved ones who thought she was dead.

“They’ve gone through the process of finding out, grieving, mourning, and started a path to healing, like anybody does after something like that, and to then be broadsided… ‘Shock’ is definitely an understatement.”

During the interview, Miller admitted that even her personal experience cannot prepare her for what Abby’s family will be experiencing when she reprises the role.

“When I think about it personally, it’s almost unrelatable. My emotional life almost can’t grasp what that would even look like, or what that would be like.”

This week’s episodes of Days of Our Lives are all about relationships — both ones that are just blossoming and others soon to be broken.


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