WWE News: Scott Hall Missing Following DREAMWAVE Wrestling No-Show

WWE Hall of Fame star Scott Hall missed a scheduled appearance at a DREAMWAVE Wrestling show in Illinois. The show was supposed to have Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman for a huge Kliq reunion. However, only Michaels and Nash showed up. Waltman made a public comment apologizing for missing the show, but no one has heard from Scott Hall at all.

Jay Repsel, the CEO of DREAMWAVE Wrestling, sent out a tweet asking people to check on Scott Hall. He said that Hall never boarded the flight on Saturday and is not returning phone calls or text messages. He said no one has heard anything from Scott Hall since before the missed flight.

To make things even more frightening, Scott Hall has been absent on Twitter since last Thursday. At that time, he was promoting the upcoming Diamond Dallas Page WWE DVD release and also retweeted some other people. He has been silent on social media since that time.

Scott Hall was on the verge of death when Diamond Dallas Page got in touch with him and helped him fight his alcohol and drug addictions. Hall said that Dallas saved his life. However, the battles with addiction will never end, and the Inquisitr previously reported that Scott had a minor relapse at an airport a couple of months ago when he was found drunk in an airport bar.


Diamond Dallas Page tried to put people’s minds at ease by responding to questions and concerns on Twitter. Dallas said that he has heard about Scott Hall missing the event but said that he is personally in the Dominican Republic. Dallas said that he hasn’t spoken to Scott but said that, from what he understands, the former WWE star is okay.

However, there are still worries from fans around the world since Scott Hall’s history with addiction is so well known. When Diamond Dallas Page and Jake “The Snake” Roberts called Scott Hall to offer him help, Hall said that he was already drunk, having started drinking at breakfast. Scott said that he was dying.


Scott Hall had a tough life, and he was charged with second-degree murder in 1983 while working as a bouncer. All charges were dropped against Scott, but he said that he was unable to forget the incident, even 30 years later. That was part of what really helped lead him to the drug use.

It also didn’t help that the group he ran with in the WWE included recreational drug users as well. Shawn Michaels has spoken openly about his battles with drugs, and Sean Waltman has given numerous interviews about drug use, especially with the late Chyna.


Scott Hall has found himself arrested on numerous occasions for actions while drinking, including disorderly conduct, resisting the police, and domestic disturbance. The WWE broke off all ties with Hall, and he was left on his own until he finally chose to seek the help he has always needed.

The most recent incident was at an airport in Atlanta, where Scott Hall was drunk at a bar in an airport restaurant and was harassing the female bartender. The police were called, but they simply removed him from the bar and was not arrested for that incident. Until Scott Hall resurfaces, all fans have to rely on is the previous actions and incidents that have very dark possibilities.

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