Police: Florida Teen Killed Grandma For Shocking Reason

A Florida teen has been arrested after authorities in Jacksonville say he killed his own grandmother. CBS News reports that 18-year-old Dylan Brougham reacted violently after having an argument with the 69-year-old woman. The details surrounding this case of alleged murder are shocking, especially with the reported reason behind the violent slaying.

Police say that the incident took place last month. A witness reportedly contacted them, referring to the altercation between the Florida teen and his grandmother as “very violent.” According to the witness, Brougham became enraged when his 69-year-old grandmother took a beer from him and then hid it, while he was taking a shower. When he emerged from the shower to drink the beer, he found that it had been moved on him. This sparked an argument between the young man and his grandma.

Inside Edition reports that the Florida teen assaulted his grandmother. He allegedly held her down on the floor of the residence while punching her in the face. He is also accused of kicking her while she was on the ground. It was sometime during this violent assault, that the elderly woman became gravely injured. A witness to the reported incident said that they heard banging noises, and then heard the 69-year-old Florida woman crying out for help.

When authorities arrived at the Jacksonville residence, they found Joyce Courson laying on the floor. She was reportedly badly injured after being the victim of a violent beating. Police say that she was cognizant enough at the time to tell them that she had been attacked by her 18-year-old grandson. They confirm that the Florida teen was apprehended shortly after they were called to the home.

This isn’t the first time someone has been arrested for killing their parents or grandparents. It’s also not the first time an alleged murder has been committed for otherwise unnecessary reasons. Earlier this year, a Pennsylvania man was arrested after he allegedly killed his grandmother. ABC News reports that Kevin Havelow attempted to rape both his elderly grandmother and his own mother when he assaulted both women in their Lower Oxford home. The 23-year-old man is accused of throwing his mother to the ground, and sexually assaulting her. Police say that he also used multiple knives to stab his 81-year-old grandmother during an alleged sexual assault on the elderly woman.


Also this year, a Pennsylvania teen allegedly killed his grandmother over an argument surrounding whether or not he’d attend school. Action News 4 reports that 14-year-old Hunter Riley Reeser fatally shot his 60-year-old grandmother while she was sitting in her car.

Last year, a Kansas teen reportedly killed his own grandmother with a bread knife. The Lawrence Journal-World reports that 16-year-old Jaered Long may have killed the elderly woman because she had asked him to turn off his video games for the night. However, it’s been noted that there was no argument between the incident and the violent killing of the woman.

As for this latest case, Florida teen Dylan Brougham has been charged with murder. Initially, he was charged with aggravated assault in association with the violent beating of his grandmother. However, the woman passed away in the hospital, which has led to the young man’s charges being upgraded. If convicted, Dylan Brougham could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

[Featured Image via Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock]