Abigail Ratchford: See The Photos Of The Aspiring Glamour Model

Abigail Ratchford has been heating up social media with her lingerie selfies and racy photo shoots. The aspiring glamour model hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania, but she has taken over Los Angeles by hoping to become the next big thing.

Abigail Ratchford is already making a name for herself with her 2017 Fantasy Calendar reportedly on the way. She has been teasing photos of her latest photo shoot, which includes a lot of lingerie selfies, as reported via Maxim. Ratchford has only updated her Instagram a few times, but she has the internet buzzing with her latest photos.

Abigail Ratchford Photos
[Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Karma International]

She posted this NSFW photo of herself wearing a barely-there white lacy bra and matching thong. Ratchford included the caption, “Beautiful day in LA. 🙂 where do you guys live?! I need some fun new places to visit this year. (SIC)” It’s just as revealing as this lacy black ensemble she previously posted.

Her fans were too busy salivating over her latest post to answer the question. Last week, the brunette beauty shared this NSFW photo of herself wearing a candy embellished bikini. Then, Ratchford followed up with another photo that shows her wearing angel wings and licking a lollipop. Ratchford admitted that she has quite a sweet tooth.

She recently made headlines when she decided to steal the spotlight from other celebrities at Treats magazine’s annual Halloween party in Los Angeles. Ratchford dressed up as a Day of the Dead sugar skull and skeleton, but she forgot one little thing – her top. Ratchford stepped out completely topless at the event, except for silver sequin pasties that were glued to her breasts. The 22-year-old model had bones painted on her arms and diamonds glued to her eyes, as reported via the Daily Star.

Abigail Ratchford's Instagram Selfies
[Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Flaunt Magazine]

Her previously Halloween ensemble caused a stir on social media. Ratchford dressed up as sexy Snow White, according to CraveOnline.com. She uploaded another NSFW photo on Instagram that showed her wearing nothing much else, but a bright blue bra, a yellow thong, and red velvet sleeves. Ratchford finished off her costume with red lipstick, a red bow in her hair, and white over-the-knee stockings. She also dressed up as a sexy Alice in Wonderland and as the sexy Little Mermaid, which are the only safe-for-work photos that can be shown in this article.



Other than that, most of the model’s photos on Instagram are generally NSFW. Ratchford then shared some photos of herself dressing up as a pin-up model, but with red pasties covering her nipples along with a red lace thong and matching garter. Ratchford boasts over 5.8 million followers on Instagram, thanks to her eye-popping outfits and provocative photos. You can tell that she loves to play dress up and flash her curves for the world to see. Ratchford previously told Galore magazine that her photos shouldn’t be considered raunchy just because she has curves.

“If a high fashion model (small breasts, 100 lbs.) posted the same exact picture as I did, it would be ‘artistic,’ but because I’m curvier with big breasts and a butt, my photo might be seen as a ‘thirst trap’ or overtly sexual. I feel empowered by my body and I feel empowered by my sexuality.”

Also, Ratchford gave Fox News Magazine some tips for stepping up your Instagram game, if you want to become the next viral sensation. She admits that she ignores the haters and troll comments, but she will never underestimate the power of a good selfie.

“For some reason, selfies do way better than professional pics,” Ratchford said. “They’re more personal and invite your audience to engage more.”


When it comes to bathtub or shower photos, those get posted more than her bikini photos, Ratchford added. She would rather post a photo that has a concept or theme rather than a random bikini selfie. What are your thoughts on Ratchford’s selfies? Do you think they’re too much for Instagram? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Karma International]