Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Feud: Breakup Drama Exposed As A ‘Publicity Stunt’

Nicki Minaj and boyfriend Meek Mill had fans speculating that they could have split after the couple took aim at each other on Instagram last week, but sources are now alleging that their social media drama was nothing but a publicity stunt.

That’s according to a new report by Urban Islandz, who claimed that Nicki and Meek’s recent feud is now being exposed as the couple’s way of bringing more attention to Mill’s new mixtape, DC4, which the rapper dropped on October 28.

“Even while they were fighting on social media they were still texting each other and laughing,” a source alleged to the site of Minaj and Mill’s recent Instagram drama, which had fans questioning the current status of the couple’s two year relationship.

“I would understand why some folks would see it as a publicity stunt,” continued the source of the twosome’s recent Instagram feud, which saw Minaj and her boyfriend taking shots at each other via several memes.


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“The way Nicki sees it, there is no such thing as bad publicity because publicity is what get your brand out there and make people more interested in your music,” the Nicki insider told the site of Meek and Minaj’s Instagram drama. “Let’s see if it reflects in album sales.”

But as the rumors swirled about a breakup, Mill confirmed that the two were still very much together by referring to Minaj as his “wife” in a photo uploaded days later on November 5, putting an end to the feud drama.

BET reported that Meek and Nicki appeared to air out their dirty laundry on Instagram on October 2 after Minaj alluded to a feud with her boyfriend, suggesting that the couple could have undergone a breakup.

Nicki appeared to be first to allude to the breakup drama, posting a meme to Instagram that read, “Never help an ungrateful person get on their feet. It’s like telling a wolf that you’re a sheep.”

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill

Meek then appeared to confirm that Nicki’s scathing message was aimed in his direction, replying, according to a screen shot captured by The Shade Room, “That’s why I make sure I stand on my own and was M’d up when I met you.”

Nicki Minaj’s man then continued to slam Minaj amid the breakup rumors, posting another meme that read, “Some of y’all need to learn how to enjoy your man’s company instead of picking fights with him 24/7.”

Meek Mill’s latest Instagram slam came just days after the breakup rumors first began to swirl after around himself and Minaj after Mill appeared to call Nicki “temporary” amid claims that she had been “comforting” his longtime feud partner Drake following his breakup with Rihanna.

Urban Islandz published screen shots of Meek’s various slams seemingly aimed at Nicki before he then deleted his account entirely in late October, only to return to Instagram just days later.

Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill

“When it’s going down these n****s nowhere to [be] found most of these n****s [be] so temporary,” Mill allegedly wrote on Instagram, seemingly referring to Minaj. “B*****s [be] so temporary.”

“Say she f****** with him… I’m like she f****** wit who?” Meek then continued in another deleted post that appeared to slam both Nicki and Drake. “Cuz now she f****** wit me ‘tuh’ #YOUKNOWWWWWWW.”

However, if Urban Islandz’ report is to be believed, Mill and Minaj’s back and forth is now being exposed as nothing but a publicity stunt, something a number of Twitter users also alluded to amid the breakup rumors.

“Listen! Nicki & Meek are [doing] a publicity stunt! Since Meek beef [with] Drake his sales went from 240k to 50k, do not be fooled by fools! Carry on!” Twitter user @lovefinch86 wrote of Minaj and Mill’s social media drama, while @aa1everything_ tweeted amid the feud and breakup rumors, “Man what kind of publicity stunt Nicki and Meek pulling now?”

Minaj and Mill are yet to comment on the publicity stunt accusations, though Nicki did recently admit during an interview with Ebro In The Morning that she believed Meek’s various feuds with stars like Drake and The Game were all good publicity for her boyfriend of two years.

“If n**** got your name in their mouth for a year or two, then thank them,” Minaj said last month when asked about Mill’s feuds with his fellow musicians. “Because if you come with great music after all that, then none of that matters.”

Do you think Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj’s Instagram feud was nothing more than a publicity stunt?

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