Lady Gaga Performs At Hillary Clinton Rally, Marking End Of Presidential Campaign

Lady Gaga worked her magic at Hillary Clinton’s rally, which concluded the end of the presidential candidate’s campaign.

Lady Gaga’s presence at the Clinton rally had a huge impact for the presidential aspirant. Gaga is said to have significantly helped in rallying the masses because a lot of people were quite interested in seeing her there. The pop artist rendered an impressive speech and was also joined by Bon Jovi in supporting Hillary’s campaign. Lady Gaga also performed a duet with Bon Jovi at the rally. They performed the song “Livin’ on a Prayer,” which is a classic that first hit the airwaves in the ’80s.


Bon Jovi left the stage after the duet but Gaga continued performing with a few other songs, thus keeping the crowd entertained. Gaga supported Clinton further by saying positive things about the female presidential candidate. While most expected her to throw some shade on Trump, Gaga did not say anything particularly hateful towards the rival. In fact, Gaga urged the Democrats not to hate on Donald Trump’s followers.

Lady Gaga duet at Hillary Clinton
[Image by Gerry Broome/AP Images]

“Hillary Clinton is the one. Hillary Clinton is made of steel. Hillary Clinton is unstoppable,” Lady Gaga told the crowd.

Gaga also promised that Clinton would protect the U.S. from threats both external and internal. During her speech, she stated that she never thought the day would come in her lifetime where a woman would become president of the United States. She also narrated Clinton’s tough journey and how she has struggled and endured through it all. Her speech expressed optimism and hope that Clinton would indeed take the seat of power. Gaga also pointed out that many people in the world think that the current presidential election in the U.S. is a joke, but she told the crowd that their votes were no joke before she urged them to vote for Clinton.

“She stood with pride as she was shamed by her opponent, whose angry, divisive approach to campaigning divided our entire country,” Gaga said about Clinton.

Lady Gaga
[Image by Gerry Broome/AP Images]

Gaga’s encouraging words surely had a great impact, especially with her young followers. It was thus a great move for Clinton as she concluded her campaign. The Democrat presidential nominee spent the last few hours of her presidential campaign trying to hammer in her positive vision for the future of the country. Her aim was also to get more people on her side towards the end of the campaign. All the effort surely left her tired. However, Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi had her back thanks to their performances. Having pop icons supporting her was a smart move for Clinton. Not only did they help her catch her breath, they also helped her get a deeper connection with the crowd.

Other significant figures that were present at the rally include President Obama and Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton, who is also a former president of the U.S. The support from the two former heads of state is advantageous for Clinton if she wins the election. This is because they have a lot to teach her about their experiences while they occupied the highly-coveted office. More to that, Gaga was an amazing hype woman for Clinton and of course, she never disappoints in the style department.


The rally which was held in North Carolina had more than 5,500 people in attendance. Clinton arrived after Gaga had warmed up the crowd. Clinton joined the pop star on the stage and proceeded with her final lap before concluding just four minutes after Trump had concluded his own rally, bringing to an end a long but interesting campaign season. As for Lady Gaga’s presence at Clinton’s rally, it was a clever move for Clinton since Gaga is one of the most influential people, especially to the youth.