‘This Is Us’ Actress Chrissy Metz Upset Over Jack’s Fate, Talks Real Life Relationship With Milo Ventimiglia

This is Us has taken the nation by storm with its drama, humor, and tender-hearted moments. Actress Chrissy Metz is a huge part of the show’s success. Metz has been the breakout star of the season with her amazing voice, fabulous acting skills, and the positive attitude she exhibits towards her own body image. Having struggled with weight her whole life, Chrissy has learned to accept who she is and love herself no matter her size. Metz has become an inspiration for other plus size women and has also received support from co-stars, in particular, Milo Ventimiglia.

The fans of This is Us were not the only ones upset with the news that Ventimiglia’s beloved character Jack would only be a part of their past and not their present. Chrissy was also equally, if not more upset, that her father on the show was deceased. Fans learned a few episodes ago that Jack is not alive in the present and Milo will only be playing Jack when the show visits the past.

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Us Weekly shared Chrissy’s thoughts on Jack’s death on the show. Metz said, “I was distraught, I was like, What the actual hell? And what does this mean?” Chrissy continued saying that Jack is everything to Kate, and they have a very special bond. Chrissy also shared that not only do her and Milo share a special bond on the show, they share a bond off screen as well. Metz says it was heartbreaking to know that Jack would not be alive in the present day on the show. Metz added that she was actually pretty mad about the situation.

Metz also shared that fans still have a lot to learn about Kate’s relationship with Jack. Chrissy and Milo will experience many ups and downs as father and daughter before he dies. Viewers already know that Kate has kept Jack’s ashes at her apartment in an urn on the mantel. Throughout the season, fans will learn how Chrissy ended up with her father’s remains. Aside from dealing with her on-screen father’s death, Chrissy’s character Kate will also struggle and try to sort through her relationship with Toby, played by Chris Sullivan. How do you think Toby and Kate will work out? Will they break-up as she struggles with her past and her present? Chrissy did not give away any secrets on this subject just yet.

People recently shared that Chrissy feels Milo Ventimiglia is not only amazing on screen, but also off screen. Metz says Ventimiglia has been just as encouraging to her in real life as he is to his family on television. Chrissy shared that Milo is also hooking her up with some fitness secrets. Metz said, “Milo actually works out with a really amazing trainer who does this thing called Rise, and Milo’s been doing it for seven years and he doesn’t look too bad.” Chrissy continued saying, “I’m really excited about starting that. I think it’s 35 to 40 minutes, and you don’t have to kill yourself to see results.”

While they are both fairly close in age, Chrissy being 36 and Milo 39, Metz says Ventimiglia is like a father to her in real life as well. Chrissy says, “Yeah, it’s a really sweet relationship that we have and obviously that Jack and Kate have.” It is great that Chrissy and the rest of the This is Us cast has such an outstanding relationship with each other outside of work and their chemistry on screen is truly amazing.

Don’t miss Chrissy on This is Us as the season continues as more about Jack and his family is revealed. Hopefully, before too long, fans will have answers as to what exactly happens to Jack and when. Viewers will also learn why Chrissy has had her ups and downs with her father and why Metz is the one holding on to his ashes. Don’t miss the first epic season of This is Us as it continues to inspire and touch everyone’s hearts every Tuesday night on NBC.

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