Amir Jennings Case: Mother Of Missing Child Released From Prison

The disappearance of Amir Jennings remains unsolved, but there are new developments in the missing South Carolina toddler’s case. The State reports that the mother of the long-missing tot has been released from prison— after only serving four of her 10-year sentence.

Twenty-seven-year-old Zinah Jennings was released from prison in late September, but this information is only recently attracting the attention of mainstream media sources. WLTX News reports that probation officials have confirmed the release of the mother of Amir Jennings. She will reportedly remain under the supervision of state probation officials for the next five months.

Zinah Jennings was convicted in association with the disappearance of 18-month-old Amir back in 2012. In particular, she was convicted of unlawful conduct toward a child. This garnered her a prison sentence of 10 years. However, the South Carolina woman was released in September, after serving only four years. This comes after the woman’s parole had been denied at least once since her conviction.

Amir Jennings disappeared in December 2011. The 18-month-old child was last seen with his mother, but the duo had gone missing. In the earliest days of the search for little Amir, authorities believed that he and Zinah had traveled to either Georgia or North Carolina. It didn’t take long for Zinah to resurface. However, Amir was not in her care when she was ultimately taken in by police. Over the course of the years that Amir has remained missing, the South Carolina mother has maintained that she “left him with someone,” and that he is “safe.” Nonetheless, detectives allege that Amir Jennings died while in the care of his mother.

People on social media are expressing a mix of reactions to the news of Zinah Jennings’ release from prison. A lot of anger, with expletives, is making its way through discussions on Twitter and Facebook about the missing lad. Meanwhile, there have been close to no updates on the search for Amir since his mother was incarcerated in association with his disappearance.


This isn’t the first time a mother has been convicted — and then released — after their child has gone missing (or worse). The mother of long-missing baby, Gabriel Johnson, was released from prison in 2014. This was after she had been convicted of two crimes: Custodial interference, and conspiracy to commit custodial interference. Elizabeth Johnson was the last person to be seen with her infant son, who remains missing. She reportedly admitted to suffocating the child during a phone call with the baby’s father. However, she later claimed that she had given the boy to a family. She’s never revealed the names of the people she supposedly trusted to care for the child.

Elizabeth Johnson hasn’t disappeared from the public eye since her widely-covered 2014 release from prison. She was arrested this year in New Mexico after reportedly violating “several terms of her probation.” Arizona Central reports that the mother of “Baby Gabriel” could face prison time for the alleged violations.

What do you think about the release of Zinah Jennings? Do you think the release of the South Carolina mom from prison will have any kind of impact on the search for Amir Jennings? Only time will tell in this heartbreaking, unsolved case.

[Featured Image by Center For Missing & Exploited Children/Columbia Police Department]