Lil Wayne: Five Things He Will Do With Retirement

Lil Wayne has been put under a lot of pressure for his remarks about Black Lives Matter, and perhaps it is a sign that Lil Wayne is ready to retire after all.

Despite the public disapproval of how Lil Wayne handled his comments about Black Lives Matter in an interview with Nightline around November 2, Lil Wayne is still touring. According to a November 5 report from ULoop, Lil Wayne gave a surprise concert in Tallahassee, Florida.

In the opinion of the reviewer, the following was stated about the energy Lil Wayne gave in his performance.

"The surprise concert was a massive riot of energy, rambunctious soul that have always separated Wheezy from the rap community. Having seen Kanye, Chance, J. Cole, and countless other rappers in the last year, there's something to be said that a nearly retired rap superstar is still schooling everyone on how it's done."
In addition, the reviewer of Lil Wayne's show in Tallahassee ended their opinion piece by wondering aloud if this was one of Lil Wayne's last shows. They cited Birdman attempting to block Lil Wayne's success as a reason he might eventually retire but also said fans were worried he would end his career soon anyway.

Lil Wayne might stop be so secretive
Lil Wayne was angered by comments that his ex-wife and daughter were being degraded. [Image by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP Images]

While he is touring now, there are many signs that Lil Wayne might decide to retire in the near future. Around September 2, Vibe reports that a tweet from Lil Wayne got construed as a true retirement threat, but he reassured fans it was not over yet.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne has been hinting at retirement for a while. For example, Lil Wayne told Katie Couric that he would be retiring around age 35. While Lil Wayne stated that in 2013, he will turn 35-years-old in September of 2017.

If Lil Wayne does decide to retire, he said in 2013 that his first priority will be raising his teen daughter and three sons, according to BET. In an interview in early September, Lil Wayne stated the following on Fox Sports about what is truly important to him.

"My politics, my flag, my country, my nation, my world are [my kids] Reginae, Cameron, Neal, [and Dwayne]. That's all that matters."
Reinforcing the idea that his family is a true priority (exes included), he has been spending more time with his first wife, Toya Wright, and his daughter, Reginae Carter, over the past year.

Of course, retiring to spend more time with family might be a need for Lil Wayne in this chapter of his life because he stepped in for emotional support after his ex-wife's brothers were murdered. Toya Wright's brothers, Rudy and Joshua Johnson, were also Reginae Carter's uncles, according to Essence.

True family aside, a second option for Lil Wayne's retirement is devoting all of his spare time figuring out how his "father" Birdman spent his millions.

Lil Wayne with Birdman by Neilson Barnard c
Birdman's lawyers submitted over 2,000 documents, but no receipts about how $70 million was spent have been submitted. [Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]

TMZ writes on September 18 that Lil Wayne's lawsuit against Birdman is $51 million, but the sum total that is not accounted for is actually $70 million. Unfortunately, Birdman has not provided Lil Wayne's attorney's with any actual evidence about how that money was spent.

Naturally, a third option for Lil Wayne's career is to start spending more time with the businesses he owns. For example, he owns part of Tidal, and Lil Wayne has a fashion design line called Trukfit.

Recent news that Lil Wayne is picking potential winners at College Game Day might be a sign he is going to invest more time in managing Young Money Sports when he retires. According to Georgia 24/7 Sports, Lil Wayne was on ESPN Sports for the College Game Day broadcast, and he picked University of Georgia to beat the University of Kentucky.

Finally, one thing that Lil Wayne might be looking forward to is quitting interviews. While it appeared that Nightline circulated a clip of Lil Wayne slamming the Black Lives Matter organization, it was later revealed that there was another part of the interview -- and that segment had questions that angered Lil Wayne.

According to Billboard, Lil Wayne over-reacted emotionally after the interviewer at Nightline asked Lil Wayne how he felt when the public refers to his daughter and ex-wife in derogatory terms that degrade their sexuality.

No matter what Lil Wayne decides to do with retirement, it is likely that skateboarding and Amsterdam will be involved. According to ABC News, Lil Wayne typically ends a show with skateboarding and considers Amsterdam his favorite city.

Nevertheless, retirement might not come so easy for Lil Wayne because he told ABC News on November 2 that if he feels a "crazy energy" from the crowd, he is feeling good and that "being on stage for me is everything I ever dreamed of… I am always at home on stage."

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