Why is that man on my Today show blue, and what the hell is colloidal silver?

See, this is what happens when we don’t have proper health care.

You don’t see people prancing around France or sauntering about in Spain resembling Papa Smurf. But Paul Karason, internationally known for being blue- not sad, the man literally has blue skin- shocked Today show viewers this morning when he showed up with his bizarre skin condition. Karason needed to home treat a case of stress-induced dermatitis years ago. In the absence of antibiotics, Karason turned to a home-prepared batch of colloidal silver, which is silver suspended in a liquid base.

Karason was finally cowed into seeing a doctor by press concerned about the visible proof of heavy metals collecting in his skin, organs and tissues, and though he’s in fairly good health otherwise, he can never be cured of his blue skin. Although silver has indeed been used to treat infection throughout history, it was largely ditched for modern antibiotics and outright banned by the FDA ten years ago because it’s known to turn humans blue.

Karason is not happy about the condition of his skin and the unwanted internet fame that has followed, but he seems to have accepted the fact that he’ll be blue for life. And he’s pretty much off the silver for the time being, telling MSNBC that it’s very expensive.

[Source: MSNBC]