Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Searching For First Victim, Worth $20 Million

Michael Jackson's latest alleged molestation victim Wade Robson is searching for the man who triggered the sexual abuse accusations against the King of Pop in the '90s. Jordan Chandler famously scored a $20 million settlement from Michael Jackson and now, Robson wants his deposition. Only problem? Jordan Chandler is nowhere to be found.

michael jackson molestation accuser wants deposition from first victim
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According to TMZ choreographer and producer, Wade Robson claimed that he was molested by Michael Jackson for seven years at the Neverland Ranch, starting at age seven.

Robson is searching for Michael Jackson's first victim Jordan Chandler to get his deposition, which scored him a $20 million settlement.

The problem is, no one knows where Jordan Chandler is. Wade Robson's lawyers cannot find Jordan Chandler, now 36, so they have asked to take the deposition of his sister, Lily.

Lily Chandler was asked if she knew of her brother's whereabouts and whether she witness any sexual abuse at the Ranch.

Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Searching For First Victim, Worth $20 Million
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Lily Chandler has absolutely no desire of getting dragged into a posthumous child molestation lawsuit against Michael Jackson.

Following Robson's lawyers' request, Lily Chandler filed legal docs pleading to the judge to block the deposition.

Lily Chandler claims that her entire family, especially Jordan Chandler, were viciously threatened and harassed by Michael Jackson's fans following the settlement in the '90s.

Lily attached some threatening emails directed towards Jordan Chandler.

"F**k you Jordan. U destroyed the king but karma is a b*tch. your time will come."
Lily Chandler said that she began going to the Neverland Ranch at the age of five, but has no memory of any molestation.

A judge has not yet ruled on whether or not she will have to give a deposition.


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Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Searching For First Victim, Worth $20 Million
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Robson's claims were then echoed as another victim, James Safechuck, has accused Michael Jackson of using his business to serve as a front for child molestation.

According to Northern California Record James Safechuck starred in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson at the age of 10. Safechuck began working with Robson's lawyers to file a revised complaint.

"This case exhibits the same disturbing fact patterns as the case involving Wade Robson, who is also a client of our firm.

"MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures ensnared Mr. Safechuck in this sexual abuse operation at the tender age of 10, causing him long-term damage that haunts him until this day."

James Safechuck even admitted to committing perjury after Michael Jackson convinced him to testify on his behalf in the 1993 criminal investigation of the sexual abuse of Jordan Chandler.

Robson also admitted to being pressured to defend Jackson during his molestation trial.

Robson and Safechuck's law firm, Manly, Stewart, & Finaldi released a statement claiming that they were confident that there was enough evidence to find MJJ Productions and MJJ ventures accountable for supporting Jackson's illegal activities.
"After reviewing thousands of pages of evidence, we have come to the shocking conclusion that Michael Jackson and a select few managing agents/employees of MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures inner circle designed, developed and operated what is likely the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization the world has known."
While Jordan Chandler's recount of his own history of sexual abuse at the hands of Jackson may help Robson win his case, how long will Michael Jackson's molestation be a part of Chandler's life? Perhaps Chandler is living off the radar so that he does not have to deal with any of it anymore.

No one, not even his sister Lily, knows where Jordan Chandler is at the moment, so it might be difficult to track him down to get a deposition out of him.

Should a judge require a deposition from Jordan Chandler or his sister for Wade Robson's case?

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