‘Clash of Clans’ December 2017 Update To Introduce Water Battles: Data Mining Reveals Shipyard At Town Hall 4

Since its initial iOS and Android launch years ago, Clash of Clans has remained one of the world’s most successful mobile titles. Beloved by millions of players, the now-classic battle simulator has weathered the storm that was Pokemon GO while managing to consistently satisfy its massive user base. If rumors prove true, Clash of Clans would soon be even more interesting, as data mining efforts of avid CoC fans have revealed a number of interesting leaks about the widely-speculated December, 2017, update.

Clash of Clans‘ most recent update was rolled out in October, and it included a number of game-changing features. The reception to the update was universally positive, with longtime players and newcomers alike lauding Supercell, the game’s developer, for rolling out useful changes for the game. The Quick Train option, for one, has been particularly well-liked due to its capability to make training troops far more conveniently than before. Before the year ends, however, it appears that Supercell might have one last gift for fans.

Noted data miner Chief spAnser of Reddit, who is considered by the Clash of Clans community as one of the most reputable sources for CoC leaks on future updates, has recently revealed that the mobile title would implement many changes to the game come December. The speculated updates were found by the Redditor through data mining, which involves combing through the game’s files for codes that pertain to features that are currently not in the game yet. While the presence of codes in the game’s files does not really guarantee the features’ rollout in the next immediate update, it does give a notable perspective on the direction that the mobile title is taking.

'Clash of Clans' has been beloved by millions of mobile gamers since its initial release.
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The Redditor’s data mining activities have discovered references to the Barbarian King statue, an in-game decoration that would allegedly cost 500 gems. References to the Red Barbarian King and the Red Archer Queen were also discovered. Apart from this, some slight cosmetic changes to the game have also been found. All of these discoveries, however, pale in comparison to a certain feature that will allegedly be rolled out come December – the introduction of water battles. According to the Redditor, a new structure called a Shipyard would be available for players in Town Hall 4 after the December 2017 update.

Clash of Clans has so far been limited to ground and air troops, with battles happening in solid terrain. Even the game’s air troops, which numerous Clash of Clans players feel remain underpowered and underutilized, are largely geared towards fighting ground units. Thus, it is pretty safe to say that the introduction of water battles would undoubtedly be one of the biggest game-changing updates that will be rolled out in the game so far. After all, the possibilities that open up with the introduction of water battles are enormous.

The Redditor’s data mining efforts have unfortunately not discovered exactly how water battles would be rolled out in the game. With the information at hand, however, avid CoC fans are speculating that water might play some role in daily challenges, or that levels that feature water elements would involve factors like pirates, which would attempt to steal the players’ gems. Of course, the addition of ships and water units would also add a massive new dimension to the hit mobile title.

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If any, the changes implemented in the October 2017 Clash of Clans update appear to lay the groundwork for the introduction of water battles in the game. Numerous players, for one, noticed that the eagle artillery’s range in the recent update seems designed to hit units that are attacking far beyond the usual CoC battlefield. Thus, it is quite possible that Supercell has been building up a water battle update for months now.

While Supercell has not released an official statement about the rumored Clash of Clans December 2017 update so far, avid fans of the veteran mobile game are optimistic about the title’s immediate future. The developer has made a name for itself as one of the most consumer-oriented developers in the world, actively engaging its user base for suggestions on which features to roll out in the next patch. Considering how passionate Clash of Clans players are about the game, the introduction of something completely new, such as water battles, will undoubtedly be welcome in the CoC community.

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