‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Ryan Edwards Finally Addresses Drug Abuse Rumors, Was He High While Filming With His Son?

After weeks of rumors, Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards is finally speaking out against the allegations of drug abuse. Fans bashed Edwards for looking high during an episode of MTV’s hit reality series and accused him of using drugs while visiting his son.

Was Edwards abusing drugs while filming with his 8-year-old son on Teen Mom OG?

According to Radar Online, Edwards firmly denies using drugs during production of the show. Instead, producers assured fans that the reality star was simply tired on the day in question.

“No,” Edwards answered after photographers asked him if he was high on the show.

Jaala Webster, a producer of Teen Mom OG, expanded on Edwards’ answer and gave an explanation for his appearance. While fans were certain that Edwards looked high, Webster explained that filming sometimes tires him out.

“Sometimes he’s tired,” she stated.

Fans thought Ryan looked "high" on a recent episode of 'Teen Mom OG.' [Image by MTV]

The drug rumors kicked into high gear after a recent episode of Teen Mom OG. Fans watched as Edwards appeared red-eyed and lethargic while visiting his son, Bentley. Given his bug-eyed look, many fans took to social media and accused Edwards of drug abuse.

“Is it me or is Ryan Edwards drugged out on tonight’s episode?” one fan shared on Twitter, while another added, “Holy Ryan just looks higher than a kite in the scene.”

The scene in question occurred while Maci Bookout’s baby daddy was supposed to be visiting his son, which only made fans worry more about the situation. In fact, one Twitter fan questioned Edward’s decisions as a father and his inability to spend time with Bentley.

“What’s with Ryan’s crazy eyes?” the fan shared on social media. “Poor Bentley. Championship game on Father’s Day & Ryan would rather sit home on the couch.”

To make matter worse, Edwards was recently kicked out of his parent’s home after an argument with his father, Larry. According to Blasting News, Larry decided to give Edwards the boot because he was too lazy and unwilling to support himself.

Larry and Jen Edwards [Image by MTV]

Larry also called Edwards a “blood-sucking leech” before kicking him out in one of the show’s more vicious moments this season. Larry stopped short, however, of explaining exactly why he decided to cut ties with his son. (Check out the video below and tell us why you think Larry kicked Ryan out.)

Because Larry didn’t clarify his reasoning, many fans suspected that drugs may have played a part in Edwards’ re-location. Is it possible that Larry grew tired of his son’s incessant drug use? Or was Larry just tired of supporting a lazy family member?

“After tonight’s episode (of Teen Mom OG) I am convinced that Ryan is on drugs and that’s why Larry kicked him out,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

During a conversation with a producer, Larry said that he never wants to speak with Edwards again. He even threatened his wife not to give Edwards any special treatment without telling him. Although it sounds like Larry just wants his son to be more self-sufficient, drugs may have played a part in his decision.

Larry has yet to comment on Edwards’ drug use, but it is entirely possible that he was funding his son’s habit without even knowing it. If that is the case, then Larry’s harsh comments about Edwards make a little more sense. It also helps explain Edwards’ recent lapses in judgement and poor parenting.

Along with skipping out on his son’s baseball games, Hall of Fame Magazine reports that Edwards showed up at Bookout’s wedding with Taylor McKinney. Fans were not expecting to see Edwards at the ceremony and he looked a lot more haggard than usual.


Edwards usually carries himself well in public outings, but he looked like needed a shower and a haircut at Bookout’s wedding. While Edwards’ appearance shocked many fans, his parents enjoyed their time at the wedding and even took some time to dance with Bookout.

Meanwhile, Starcasm is reporting that Edwards was recently spotted with his mother and girlfriend at LAX. In contrast to his latest appearance on Teen Mom OG, Edwards looked healthy completely sober.

The reality star and his family were all smiles during the outing and did not seem to take the drug rumors seriously. To Edwards’ credit, he didn’t appear to be high at all and still had his now infamous bugged out eyes.


Perhaps the Teen Mom OG producer is correct in saying that Edwards only looked high on the show. Even if Edwards wasn’t high during filming, he clearly has a lot of issues to work through before things start looking up.

This includes spending more time with Bentley and repairing his fractured relationship with Larry. Whether or not Edwards is able to fix his relationships before the season ends is anyone’s guess.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait for more news to develop to find out if Edwards truly is drug free.

Until then, new episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

[Featured Image by MTV]