‘SNL’ Makes Trump And Clinton Join Hands And Encourage People To Vote

SNL did something different last night while Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon were mimicking Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The pair has been impersonating the two presidential candidates in the past several weeks as the nation comes closer to Election Day.

But according to the New York Daily News the most recent SNL episode saw the two comedic actors break character to share a meaningful message to the people.

Baldwin’s mimicry of Donald Trump is spot on with his gestures, fake tan and ridiculous hair. The 30 Rock actor even copied Trump’s penchant for racist remarks when he called Michael Che, who was impersonating CNN’s Don Lemon, “Coltrane” and “jazzman” in one of SNL’s opening segments.

Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Hillary Clinton was flawless as well, with her flailing attempts to make the former Secretary of State relatable. During SNL’s second presidential debate McKinnon made a hilarious gesture designed to poke fun at Hillary Clinton’s mechanical persona when she tried to casually lean on her stool.

Kate McKinnon breaks character on latest SNL episode.
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And throughout these sketches the two comedic actors threw every insult they could think of at each other, which is not so different from their real-life counterparts.

In the latest episode of SNL, McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton tried to put the spotlight on Donald Trump’s shady associations with the FBI, Vladimir Putin and the KKK.

When the former Secretary of State’s emails were brought into the discussion, McKinnon tried to avert the audience’s attention by pointing out the FBI’s suspicious intention of revealing her email scandal days away from the election. McKinnon’s Clinton said that the FBI’s revival of her email scandal seemed like the agency wanted Trump to win.

Baldwin’s Trump then refuted the claim and said that the FBI doesn’t even like him, but then an SNL cast member dressed as an FBI agent came up to him and the two kissed. McKinnon tried to put the spotlight on that but Cecily Strong’s Erin Burnett simply shrugged it off and focused once more on her email scandal.

After that, McKinnon’s Clinton claimed that the Russians love Trump and that the latter is pretty tight with Vladimir Putin. Baldwin’s Trump refuted the allegations once more and once again an SNL cast member, Beck Bennett impersonating Putin without a shirt on, came out onto the stage and planted a wet kiss on Baldwin.

Lastly, McKinnon’s Clinton said that the KKK supports Trump to which the latter refuted and once again an SNL cast member comes up on stage dressed as a Klan member and Baldwin’s Trump kisses him on the lips.

McKinnon’s Clinton then went on a monologue wondering how America ended up in a situation like this.

Baldwin’s Trump countered her jabs with pronouncements that she is the most corrupt person to run for presidency. When it seemed that Baldwin’s Trump was about to run off a list of Clinton’s shortcomings he stopped in mid-sentence and spoke in his natural voice.

First, he apologized to Kate McKinnon for saying ugly things to her and then he focused his attention to the audience and asked them, “Don’t you guys feel gross all the time about this?”

McKinnon broke out of character as well and said that the election so far has felt, “so mean.”

McKinnon then urged Baldwin to end this barrage of vitriol and they did so by heading out the exit door of the building and spreading the love to strangers on the street. Once outside, McKinnon and Baldwin hugged every person they saw in Times Square regardless of whether the individual supported Trump or Clinton.

One man was even wearing a cap with Trump’s slogan written on it but McKinnon’s Clinton hugged him nevertheless. Baldwin’s Trump also hugged various people and he even stopped to say “hi” to a baby that was quite endearing considering that the real Trump couldn’t stand having a baby within his proximity.

Finally, the two comedians sprinted back to SNL’s stage at the Rockefeller Center and once they were back at the front of the audience they urged the viewers to vote on Election Day.

So even though the real Trump and Clinton haven’t buried the hatchet at least Baldwin and McKinnon’s versions have made peace with each other.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump at the presidential debate at Hofstra University.
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