'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 66: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito Confirmed, Zamasu's End Apparent?

There are times when an anime episode manages to bring back all the nostalgia from decades past and bring chills to viewers in the present. Dragon Ball Super Episode 65, as well as the preview for Episode 66, just managed to do that, practically bringing tears to longtime DB fans while managing to win the respect of those who are new to the series. There were numerous high points in the previous episode, but one thing that is bound to be iconic in this week's episode is the confirmation of the return of the strongest Z fighter in the entire franchise, the fused form of Son Goku and Vegeta - Vegito.

The return of Vegito, whose first appearance 21 years ago became one of the highest points of Dragon Ball Z, has been speculated by fans for weeks now. Ever since the first poster of Black Goku wearing a potara earring was released, avid DB fans immediately predicted that a fusion warrior would play a vital role in the plot of the Future Trunks arc. This was eventually proven true, as the villains Zamasu and Black Goku, after being forced on the defensive by the trio of Son Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks, opted to fuse, forming Merged God Zamasu.

Episode 65 was easily one of the best episodes in the entire run of Dragon Ball Super so far, with the plot progressing at a very satisfactory pace and the character development of the arc's major players being consistent. Through the course of the episode, each of the characters was given ample time to shine, from Bulma and Mai's determination to fix the time machine to the spirit of the last few human survivors as they decided to survive despite Merged God Zamasu's onslaught.

The merged form of Zamasu has been lauded by longtime 'Dragon Ball' fans as one of the most nefarious villains to ever grace the franchise.
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A number of key fight scenes also stood out, the most memorable of which is Future Trunks' last stand against the immortal villain, culminating in a double Galick Gun from both the young blue-haired fighter and his father, Vegeta. Despite the huge power difference, the father-son team-up proved enough to push back the immortal's attack, giving Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku enough time to recover, power-up and shoot Merged Zamasu with his strongest attack, a massive Kamehameha wave.

Episode 65 ended with the clash of Son Goku and Merged Zamasu's attack, which was pretty much perfect, considering that it set up the insanity that is sure to ensue in the next episode. As soon as the preview for Episode 66, "Showdown! The Unyielding Warriors' Miraculous Power" played, however, avid fans of the Dragon Ball mythos were immediately hooked. In the brief teaser for the next episode, one particular character was unmistakable. Vegito, the potara fusion form of Son Goku and Vegeta, will be making an appearance in the next episode, and he would be powering up to Super Saiyan Blue too.

The rest of the preview showed Super Saiyan Blue Vegito taking the fight to Merged Zamasu, with the combined Super Saiyan seemingly overwhelming the immortal villain at numerous points. Notably, the appearance of Fused Zamasu was also different in the preview, suggesting that something might have happened to the immortal as a result of SSJB Son Goku's ultimate attack at the end of Episode 65. Numerous Dragon Ball Super fans are speculating that Merged Zamasu's half-distorted form is due to the damaging of the Time Ring as a result of Goku's Kamehameha wave. This could very well be true, considering that SSJB Son Goku did declare that he would be "erasing" Zamasu's light with his ultimate attack. Considering that Son Goku is ridiculously powerful at this stage in the anime, the premise of his attack damaging the corrupted Kai's Time Ring is indeed very feasible.

The character development of Future Trunks is considered by numerous 'Dragon Ball Super' fans as one of the high points of the anime.
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This particular speculation is fueled by a scene in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 preview which seems to suggest that Fused Zamasu was trying to escape from SSJB Vegito. The anime has already established that the villain has already been granted an immortal body. Thus, for him to seemingly attempt a desperate escape from the fused Saiyan suggests that something very grave happened. With Super Saiyan Blue Vegito in the picture, and with Merged Zamasu seemingly maimed, numerous fans are suggesting that the end of the defiled apprentice Kaioshin would soon be at hand. After all, by bringing back Vegito in the picture, there is very little else the anime could traverse.

The Future Trunks arc has already become arguably the best Dragon Ball story since the Frieza arc of Dragon Ball Z, which is considered by numerous fans to be the best DB arc to ever be animated. In fact, with regards to the pacing of the story and the stakes of the battle, numerous Dragon Ball purists have even stated that the Future Trunks arc is now better than the Frieza saga of DBZ, and thus, it is currently the best story that Dragon Ball has ever told. Though the Future Trunks arc is not perfect, with some inconsistencies in animation and logic every so often, it does, nonetheless, provide both longtime and new fans of Dragon Ball an engaging and intense story to enjoy.

Dragon Ball Super appears to be nearing the conclusion of the Future Trunks arc, and judging from the brief scenes that were teased in the Episode 66 preview, the current saga would end with a massive, satisfying bang. Back when the Future Trunks arc was first announced earlier this year, fans of the franchise were immediately optimistic after news broke that series creator Akira Toriyama will be actively involved in the development of the Future Trunks arc's plot. Since then, that particular notion has been proven true. With the father of the franchise being directly involved in its production, the Future Trunks arc has become one of, if not the best, saga that the Dragon Ball franchise has ever explored.

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