Black Pink’s ‘Playing With Fire’ Makes Them The Hot Girl Group To Watch — Dance Practice Video Gets Over 2 Million Youtube Views

Black Pink’s “Playing With Fire” is on fire. The single is burning up the charts and cementing their ultimate girl group status as “ones to watch” shortly. Their stars are definitely on the rise.

As All Kpop reports, a dance practice video for “Playing With Fire” got 2 million views in just one day. According to Billboard, the four-member South Korean girl group released the song on Halloween, along with another song called “Stay.” As the article on Billboard notes, “Stay” represents a new direction for Black Pink and Korean Pop music in general. It’s a folk-pop ballad accompanied by the sound of melodic guitar strings that pair beautifully with the voices of Black Pink members, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé.


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While Black Pink has made a pretty impressive debut with “Playing with Fire,” “Stay,” and two earlier songs, “Boombayah” and “Whistle,” they have some big shoes to fill. They are the first all-female group to be released by YG Entertainment since the chart-topping 2NE1. 2NE1 debuted in 2009 and became trail-blazers for Kpop girl groups.

The members Black Pink have previously discussed the comparisons to 2NE1 that they have been getting.

“We don’t purposely try to be different from 2NE1. It’s actually a big part of us that we’re compared to 2NE1,” the group said in a recent interview, as reported by SBS.

“We don’t want to show a different color than them because we believe they portrayed the color of YG. We also want to show YG’s color in our own, unique way. We think it’s good for us to follow them as much as we can. When you see their performance, 2NE1 are sunbae with overflowing charisma. We want to be shown like that on stage too.”

They also chatted about what it would mean to them to win the Kpop Rookie Award at the end of the year.

“Honestly, it would be a lie if we said we weren’t hoping for a rookie award. If we were to really get the rookie award, it would be amazing. We have a lot of fans who are watching us so we want to have a chance to communicate more with them. We want to meet our fans more and go on more music broadcasts.”

Although they seem to enjoy being compared to 2NE1, there’s one thing that really sets them apart from that other YG Entertainment girl group. Black Pink has a foreign member. As All Kpop reports, Lisa was born in Thailand.

During a recent interview, she talked about the struggles she faced coming to Korea and becoming a part of Black Pink. One of the biggest frustrations she faced was learning the language, she said.

“It’s been 6 years since I came to Korea. At first, I couldn’t speak Korean at all. It was frustrating how I couldn’t communicate. So I received Korean lessons every day and my members also helped me a lot on my Korean.”

But she didn’t let those early struggles stop her, and now she’s living the dream life many Thai Kpop fans probably wish they had.

“People in Thailand love K-pop. There are many who also desire to become a K-pop singer,” she added.

[Featured Image via YG Entertainment]