Biggest Supermoon Since Israel Became A Nation This Month: Christians See Signs Of Jesus’ Second Coming

The biggest supermoon in nearly 70 years is set to grace the night sky on November 14, and some Christians are viewing the event as a sign of the second coming of the Christian messiah, Jesus Christ. And although there is nothing to suggest that the moon will be any different that night, except in perceived size and brightness and relative proximity, there are a few interesting coincidences that have some believing Earth’s satellite is a portent of biblical proportions.

The Daily Star reported this week that November’s supermoon, set to reach its perigee (the actual term for the closest point a celestial object nears the body it orbits) on November 14, will be 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than normal during its supermoon phase. CNN reported that scientists attest that the moon going through perigee is quite normal and that the supermoon occurs when the moon is both full and at perigee at the same time. In short, it happens often.

According to NASA, this month’s supermoon “becomes full within about two hours of perigee—arguably making it an extra-super moon.” It is also the second of three consecutive monthly supermoons.
Photo of supermoon over Boston Some Christians believe November’s supermoon heralds the second coming of Jesus Christ and the End Times. [Image by Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock]

However, the last time the Earth and moon were as close as they will be in mid-November was back in 1948, 68 years ago. And that is where those who believe that certain scriptures can be predictive of the future, not to mention somewhat apocalyptic, have found a coinciding of biblical prophecy with the imminent supermoon. As many Christians have pointed out on Facebook, the state of Israel was created in 1948 (a fulfillment of biblical prophecy), the same year as the last closest supermoon. This might suggest that the biggest supermoon since that time could foretell the second coming of Jesus Christ.


She then posted a link to a CBN News (Christian Broadcasting News) shared post that passed on an article for Charisma News about the supermoon.

Her belief that the second coming of Jesus Christ is near at hand and connected to the supermoon is echoed by quite a few on Facebook.

Kingdom League International wrote on its Facebook page, “With all the craziness going on consider this. There’s going to be the closest super moon since 1948. The moon is a type of Jesus as it reflects the light of the sun (type of the Father)… It is a sign His return is soon.”

“Does anyone remember what occurred in 1948?” the post continues. “How about Israel became a nation (Isa 66:8 fulfilled). This is going to be a significant year for the cause of Christ.”

Still, the post draws just short of claiming that the supermoon is a sign of the actual second coming of Jesus Christ.

Concept of Jesus Christ Second Coming
Some have tied the supermoon in with biblical prophecy of the return, or Second Coming, of the Christian messiah, Jesus Christ. [Image by iurii/Shutterstock]

Some are even tying in the recent start to the long-planned-for restoration of the Holy Edicule at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, wherein is enshrined the burial slab that is believed to have been the resting place of Jesus Christ following the crucifixion.

As the Daily Star noted, one Facebook user wrote, “The largest supermoon in decades, and the same month that the tomb of Jesus Christ is unearthed…. guarantee that something big is about to go down.”

The problem with that line of reasoning is that Jesus’ tomb was not unearthed. The Holy Edicule, which is a shrine originally built for the burial slab by the Roman emperor Constantine so believers could view and worship the relic, was, as was reported by the Inquisitr, recently unsealed for the first time since sometime prior to 1555 C.E. Those charged with overseeing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre had finally agreed that restoration of the shrine and its contents should begin, although it was decided decades ago that restoration should be done.

But believers will believe. Doubters will doubt. And scientists will observe. Will the supermoon be anything other than a special full moon at perigee event? That remains to be seen.

Second coming of Jesus Christ predictions seem to be quite popular of late. As the Inquisitr reported, a group called End Time Prophecies posted a rehashed video predicting the second coming would begin on Halloween, heralded by a magnetic polar flip.

[Featured Image by Hector Ruiz Villar/Shutterstock]