Kim Jong Kook’s Scoliosis Pics Prove He Can’t Join The Military–Is He Leaving ‘Running Man’ Too?

Kim Jong Kook’s scoliosis means that he can’t join the military, so all of the people judging him about serving his mandatory national service as a public service worker can just move on to another topic now.

The South Korean actor, singer and TV personality took to Instagram to address some of the hate he had been getting for not joining the military. It looks like there were some critics who claimed that Kim Jong Kook was lying about having scoliosis, as he has a very muscular physique.

He shared that he had been dealing with the debilitating spinal condition since he was a teenager. He also shared a photo of his very muscular back where you can clearly see a crooked spine, which is the key symptom of scoliosis. He also shared a photo of a spinal x-ray.

“Ever since high school when I collapsed because of back pain, I’ve had scoliosis.. People say, ‘How can he make that kind of body with his back issues?'” Kim Jong Kook said in the caption of his Instagram post, as translated by Soompi.

“I made [this body]. No, I’m still making it because I have to do something to support my curved spine,” he continued. “When all the wimps go blabbing about how it’s impossible and then go out drinking and comfortably go home to their warm beds.. I’m gritting my teeth, sleeping less, living like this. People will definitely say, ‘Please, does that make sense?’ But let’s not be like this.”

He then asked for his haters to change their negative attitudes into positive ones.

“I know that when others achieve something that you deemed impossible from the start, it’s easy for you to put them down to make yourself feel better,” he added. “But even now, let’s just try starting something that we once thought was impossible. The happiness of doing something that others thought would never happen.. Let’s experience that just once. I’m saying this because it’s pitiful.”


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A quick scan of Jong Kook’s Instagram page shows that he has since deleted the scoliosis pics but you can still see images that show off his impressive physique.

That magnificent arm ???????????? ????????????????????????

A photo posted by Kim Jong Kook (@kim_jong_kook) on

In other news, Kim Jong Kook’s Running Man future may be in question. For those of you who may not know, Kim Jong Kook is best known for being a cast member on Running Man, a long running variety show in South Korea.

iTech Post reports the news that Gary, one of the original cast members, will be leaving the show. There are now questions about whether Kim Jong Kook will follow suit. Gary, also known as Kang Hee Gun, was on Running Man for six years. He is also a member of hip-hop duo Leesang which was started in 2002.

“We sincerely thank Gary for putting everything into the show for [six] years, as one of the original members of Running Man. Gary wishes to focus on his career as a musician, and we wish him the best,” the production staff at Running Man said in a written press statement, Soompi reports.

There’s has been no word to confirm or deny that Kim Jong Kook will be leaving Running Man. According to Soompi, Gary’s last day of filming was on October 31.

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