Anna Duggar Divorce Rumor: New Circle Of Friends Has Convinced Anna To Dump Josh Duggar, Report Claims

Anna Duggar is once again surrounded by divorce rumors, with a new report that she is finally ready to leave her unfaithful husband and may have even drawn up divorce papers.

There have been rumors swirling about a potential break-up for the former 19 Kids and Counting couple since last year, when Josh Duggar was rocked by back-to-back sex scandals. First there was the revelation that he had molested a number of young girls — including his own sisters — when he was a teenager. Anna Duggar stood by Josh after this was revealed, saying she had known about his indiscretions and had forgiven him.

But just a few weeks later, Josh Duggar’s name was revealed among the list of clients for Ashley Madison, a dating website promoting infidelity among its married users. Josh ended up going to a months-long rehab and Anna has stood by his side, but there have been continual reports that friends and family close to Anna have been trying to push for divorce.

It appears that side may be finally getting through to her. A new report from In Touch magazine claimed that Anna Duggar is leaning toward divorce after the urging of a new group of friends.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry summarized, Anna Duggar has started to move away from her husband’s family members, who exerted their influence in keeping her from divorcing Josh last year.

“According to In Touch Weekly, with [no one] to talk to or even trust for that matter, Anna met new friends in her social circle who have persuaded her to cut the cord on her marriage. For the longest time she only had Josh Duggar’s family to help support her, with her in-laws Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar urging her to give their son another chance in their marriage.

“But now that she’s distanced themselves from them and is spending time with other people, her views have changed drastically. One source even dished, ‘Hearing outside views changed Anna incredibly. She agrees and feels angry that Josh has treated her so appallingly for so long.'”

There are even reports that Anna Duggar may be going so far as to draw up divorce papers.


And at the same time, there are separate reports claiming that Anna might be leaving Josh due to her inability to get pregnant. Like the rumor claiming a new circle of friends is pushing Anna toward divorce, this one has no on-the-record sources.


This is the latest in a recent string of reports claiming that Anna Duggar is headed for divorce. Many of those rumors surfaced when Josh finally left rehab and re-joined his family earlier this year.

At the time, sources close to the family claimed that Anna and Josh were trying to get counseling to make their marriage work.

“Josh and Anna are working on their relationship and are having the help of a couples therapist,” a source told Hollywood Life. “The therapist has been coming to their home in Arkansas to work with them on the many issues they have been dealing with since Josh has returned from rehab.”

But the source added that Anna Duggar wasn’t sure she could trust Josh anymore.

“Anna is afraid of what Josh could do next,” the source said. “Josh being back home doesn’t mean Anna is going to stay with him. The therapist is helping them figure out, can their marriage be saved?”

It can be a bit difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Anna Duggar divorce rumors, however. The couple has been a popular target for tabloid reports, and despite all the unnamed sources claiming there could be trouble in their marriage, Anna and Josh Duggar have remained very publicly committed to their union.

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