WWE Rumors: Ryback Claims He Was Drugged At Halloween Party Hosted By Bray Wyatt

Now that he is no longer under the restriction of being a WWE employee, Ryback is speaking his mind more frequently. He is also revealing some very interesting tidbits through his podcast from his time in the wrestling world. During the latest episode, the former Intercontinental Champion shared a story about being drugged while attending a Halloween party hosted by the man who would one day go on to become Bray Wyatt, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

While he did not give the exact date of the party, Ryback makes it seem like it was around five years ago. He posted a photo from the party a couple of days ago on Instagram. Among the people that were in attendance was the man who would go on to find success in TNA as Ethan Carter III, who was hilariously dressed up as Chyna. Wade Barrett was still a developmental wrestler at the time, and he was dressed up as the Mountie.

Ryback informed his listeners that he can normally handle his alcohol really well. He stated that for the amount that he consumed at the party, he should have been fine. However, Ryback was far from fine. He was not acting like himself. That is why the Las Vegas native believes that someone slipped him some drugs. For whatever reason, Ryback believes that the drug in question was mushrooms.

While being extremely inebriated, Ryback somehow managed to stumble his way towards Bray Wyatt's bedroom. He then made himself quite at home by laying down in Wyatt's bed. Ryback then turned on the television and rummaged through the DVD collection. By the time that Wyatt found Ryback, the Big Guy was giggling in bed. That caused Wyatt to break out in laughter.

To make things even more awkward, Ryback started flirting with Bray Wyatt's wife. Fortunately, Wyatt was aware of the condition that Ryback was in, so he did not take it personally. He actually found it amusing. Ryback stated that the two of them still joke about that night in the years since.

WWE star Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt [Image by WWE]

There should be no ramifications from this story being revealed to the public.

First of all, Ryback is no longer with the company, so management cannot punish him by taking away his push or anything like that. He also cannot be suspended. The situation also would not be enough to bother the many lawyers employed by WWE, either.

Bray Wyatt is still with WWE, but he should be fine. All he has to do is deny that the story took place. Ryback never stated that it was Wyatt that gave him the drugs. No public relations work is going to be needed by the performers or World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE star Bo Dallas
Bo Dallas [Image by WWE]

Many have stated that Ryback has been a lot more interesting and entertaining since leaving WWE. He admittedly stated that he was not putting in his best efforts towards the tail end of his run with the promotion because he felt that management was never going to give him the push that he felt he deserved. Now, Ryback seems a bit rejuvenated because he is getting to do what he wants. That is one of the reasons why his podcast show has been generating so much attention lately.

Ryback is definitely done with WWE. He may or may not be done with pro wrestling. Much of that will depend on how well these new business ventures work out for him. Some of that will depend on how much money he can continue to make inside of a wrestling ring.

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