Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo Wedding Happening This Weekend? Ceremony To Air On ‘Counting On?’

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are reportedly getting married this weekend. While several insiders previously predicted that the wedding will happen last weekend, that intel turned out to be completely false. Turns out the Duggar family were just filming for Counting On Season 3 ahead of schedule and fans thought it had something to do with the wedding.

According to International Business Times, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo‘s wedding will happen sometime today, Nov. 5. A blog post from the Rodrigues family ministries revealed that they are heading to Arkansas this weekend for an “event that they are not at liberty to share at this time.” The site predicted that the Rodrigues family are heading to the JinJer wedding ceremony.


The Hollywood Gossip also reported that Jinger and Jeremy will definitely tie the knot this weekend, citing the Instagram exchange between the couple’s wedding photographer Erika Felber and Bringing Up Bates’ Whitney Bates last week. In the convo, Erika asked Whitney if her family will be attending “the wedding next week.” Whitney, however, said that it depends on husband Zach Bates’ schedule. Given that the Bates and Erika are close friends of the Duggar family it is definitely possible that they are talking about Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding.

The site further reported that friends of the Duggar family have been “buzzing about the nuptials on social media.” Adding to the clues are recent photos of what seemed like Jinger Duggar’s bachelorette party. The Counting On star was seen posing with several female friends in a barn, including Josiah Duggar’s ex-girlfriend.

According to International Business Times, Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding is going to be an intimate ceremony, with only their family and closest friends in attendance. It’s still unclear if the couple agreed to show the ceremony on TLC’s Counting On. After the wedding, Jinger will move to Laredo, Texas with Jeremy and work with him in the ministry field.

As previously reported the Duggar family is being compared to the Kardashians as several sites accused Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of doing everything they can to keep Counting On on air. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the timing of Jinger’s engagement seemed a little too perfect. They pointed out that it came at a time when the network was discussing if they wanted to renew the show or not.

“No one is saying that TV ratings were Jinger’s sole motivation for getting engaged, or Jessa’s only reason for getting pregnant. But maybe the timing of the events has been orchestrated to give the Duggars a much-needed popularity boost, just as TLC execs are weighing their options with regard to the show’s third season.”


The site further pointed out that Jinger and Jeremy‘s engagement was “drawn out” over the course of Counting On Season 2. Instead of showing the proposal at one point, the producers decided to show an engagement special to tease the fans even more.

With several advertisers backing out from Counting On, Jinger and Jeremy’s engagement, coupled with Jessa Duggar’s pregnancy news, could allegedly help bring back some of the lost interest to the show. At the end of the day, The Hollywood Gossip held that reality television is the Duggar family’s bread and butter and they could be willing to do anything to save the show. The site reported that in recent weeks, the ratings for Counting On experienced a slight resurgence following the engagement and Jessa’s pregnancy announcement.

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