‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 7 Episode 3: Daryl, Negan, And Dwight Share The Spotlight

The Walking Dead is certainly good at keeping us guessing with unanswered questions at the end of the episodes. After the brutal season opener, we were left out in the cold as we wondered what was happening with Rick and the main group of survivors in the wake of Glenn and Abraham’s deaths. Instead, we got to catch up with Morgan and Carol at the Kingdom, giving us a glimpse of a possible new ship, Carzekial? Ezecarol? Whatever you want to call it, Episode 2 ended with King Ezekiel showing up at Carol’s cabin after she hightailed it from the Kingdom. Leaving, but not leaving, as the King said. Don’t expect that question to be answered in Episode 3.

Episode 3, titled, “The Cell,” is going to focus on Daryl and as we predicted, give us all a glimpse of what life inside the actual Savior compound is like through his eyes. That satellite station that Rick and company attacked last season was only an outpost, after all. Negan is sure to be gracious and give Daryl (and us) a tour of the place, and from the preview, it doesn’t look like someplace you’d want to stay.

We see Daryl in a gray sweat suit with an orange “A” emblazoned on it and two other prisoners working outside the fences, one has an “F” on his sweat suit and the other has an “S.” Dwight seemingly explains that Daryl is an “a**hole,” while one of the guys outside the fence working with the zombies is a “f**ker.” Two guesses as to what the “S” probably stands for. Whether that’s an official Negan-approved naming convention remains to be seen, but it’s likely what happens to people who fall out of Negan’s favor.

As an official unofficial The Walking Dead spoiler, you can expect to see a demonstration of another way people who cross Negan are punished, and how Dwight got that burn on his face. This may also explain why he’s so unwilling to cross Negan again. Someone in the Savior’s compound is likely going to be caught having a tryst with one of Negan’s wives and get the hot side of an iron applied to his face. Sherry (remember her from last season when Daryl ran into her with Dwight?) also delivers an ominous warning to someone.

“Go back while you can. Whatever he’s done, there’s more.”

Wonder who she’s talking to? We’re guessing that this is Sherry telling Dwight to go back to the Saviors. Chances are we’re going to see a little bit into Dwight’s history in a bid to make him seem a little more sympathetic. After all, he’s going to be one of the key players that takes down Negan in the end. We’ll probably also see Jesus following Dwight back to the compound so Hilltop and Rick will know where Negan is holding Daryl.

The shot where a walker falls from an overpass is almost an exact duplicate of the comic.

Dwight is followed closely by Jesus in The Walking Dead
[Image by Image Comics]

Don’t expect Daryl’s fate to be wrapped up neatly either. After all, AMC has already promised that Episode 4 of The Walking Dead is going to be a feature-length affair. That episode, airing on November 13, 2016, will be 85 minutes long.

The episode’s title was revealed as, “Service,” and the synopsis, according to CBR simply says, “The remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit.”

Episode 5 returns to its normal length and is titled, “Go Getters.” The synopsis for that reads, “Saddled with grief and surrounded by enemies, members of the group try to find safety at the Hilltop before it’s too late.”

If this season holds true to the previous four seasons, we’re going to get eight episodes on the first half, and then the mid-season break. This season of The Walking Dead is certainly shaping up to be the best yet.

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