‘Narcos’ Season 3: From Pablo Escobar To Cali Cartel, Major Cast Member Not Returning?

Narcos Season 3 is going through some big changes, and it has been renewed for two additional seasons. The first two installments documented Pablo Escobar’s rise and fall as a Colombian drug lord and with Wagner Moura’s exit, there are big shoes to fill.

One major cast member is likely not going to be returning. Boyd Holbrook, who plays Steve Murphy, has not been confirmed as a cast member. The first photo of Narcos Season 3 features Javier Pena, played by Pedro Pascal. However, he does not return to hunt the Cali Cartel during their reign in Colombia.


It appears that Javier Pena is addressing the CIA or DEA about the events that took place in Colombia that led to the death of Pablo Escobar. The caption reads, “The blow must go on. Pablo might be dead but the war is not over. Season 3 of Narcos has begun filming.”

This will not be the first time the show has used creative license to diverge from real life events. While Narcos is quite historically accurate, the showrunners do add or combine characters that may or may not be influenced by figures in the Colombian cartel or government.

So, where does that leave agent Steve Murphy who also narrates the series thus far? Actor Boyd Holbrook has been cast in Wolverine 3: Logan and is rumored to have other upcoming projects. Therefore, it is unlikely that the actor will reprise his role as Steve Murphy.


While some cast members won’t be returning, there are several new ones to look forward to. The Hollywood Reporter states that Michael Stahl-David and Matt Whelan have joined the Netflix drama Narcos Season 3. It is unclear which roles they have been cast to play in the upcoming installment.


There are more new cast members, and we have spoilers about what you can expect. Broad City’s Arturo Castro and Halt and Catch Fire’s Kerry Bishe have been cast for Narcos Season 3. According to Deadline, they will be playing characters connected to individuals in the Colombian drug trade.

“Castro will play the series regular role of David Rodriguez, Miguel’s oldest son, although he is reluctant at first to take a leading role in the cartel structure, as his Uncle and Father are arrested, he must take over. Bishe will recur as Christina, an American woman who met her Colombian husband in college. But as her husband gets deeper involved in the cartel and things start to go badly for the people around them, she knows she needs to get her family out, so she turns to the US Embassy for help.”

Narcos Season 3 will focus on the Cali Cartel, many of whom has already been cast in the series. The new villains of the series include Helmer “Pacho” Herrera and Escobar’s former partner, Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, and his brother Miguel. There is a fourth member nicknamed Chepe, who is reportedly joining the cast of Narcos Season 3.

The Cali Cartel will run the drug business differently from the Medellin cartel, whom essentially went to war with the Colombian government. The Cali Cartel will have better success with corruption, and it will be difficult to tell who the bad guys are in the third installment as the new drug lords have some involvement with the Colombian presidency.

The CIA and DEA will continue to involve themselves in the war in Colombia and assist the country in bringing down the Cali Cartel. There will be a similar clash between the two countries as they figure out how to bring down another sophisticated drug operation.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding Narcos is a shift to Mexico and the introduction of El Chapo.

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