Megyn Kelly Says Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Are In A Dead Heat Election

Megyn Kelly isn’t mincing words. At the very beginning of her show Friday night, Kelly noted that with four days left to decide, the presidential race is in a dead heat.

“Brand new Fox polling is out tonight, and in a two-way race, Hillary Clinton is only leading Donald Trump now by one point,” Kelly said, adding that Trump has the momentum since he was losing by seven points three weeks ago.

Megyn Kelly had a polling expert on the show to discuss the electoral college and different states. He said that Trump has to win three out of the four eastern states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida in order to win the election. He believes Florida is as much of a tight race as it can possibly be.

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Kelly then added that Hillary Clinton has been a little desperate lately, even calling in Jay-Z to perform for her — something she has never done before. She then welcomed well-known Clinton supporter Lanny Davis on her show, who said Clinton should have released all her records a long time ago.

“I think she would still be in the position that she is in today — but with less pain,” Davis told Kelly when asked if Clinton would be better off right now listening to his advice.

Davis was still very sympathetic to Hillary.

“The point I was making, which she has made — she made a mistake. She has made a mistake and has apologized. Donald Trump hasn’t apologized to a gold star mother and he didn’t apologize to the women he bragged about sexual assaulting,” Davis pointed out, adding that Hillary Clinton is more fit to serve the country.

The next guest, former NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliani, had a completely different view of Hillary Clinton. He believed she committed a major crime and as a prosecutor, he could have had her convicted since the case was easier than 90 percent of the ones he had won.

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Speaking of the possibility of Clinton becoming indicted, Law Newz describes what could happen to Clinton if she is elected and then indicted afterwards.

“Should Clinton be indicted after winning the election but before officially taking office, she could try to play beat-the-clock and hope to take office before her case concludes.”

The article adds that if Clinton is indicted prior to her inauguration, she may be deemed incapacitated, and the Vice President-Elect, Tim Kaine, would become President. This may not be likely as the wheels of justice do not turn that fast.

But back to Fox News — Giuliani kept going on to make the case to Megyn Kelly for Hillary’s conviction.

“She destroyed 33,000 emails, she made 12 false statements, and she lied. The reason she didn’t come on your program is because she would lie to you,” Guiliani said to Kelly, adding that the $1.5 million speaking fee from UBS to Bill Clinton after Hillary went to Geneva to get UBS off the hook for $50,000 owed in taxes.

Mr. Guiliani then told Kelly that he believes Donald Trump will win the election by two states that will surprise people, although he said he’s not sure which states it will be.

“It could be Pennsylvania. It could be Michigan. Maybe Wisconsin. And all of the red states will come back,” Guiliani confidently noted. As Megyn Kelly noted, we’ll find out soon enough if he is right.

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