‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Joseline Hernandez Wants To Prove Stevie J Is The Father Of Her Child

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez is filing legal documents to make Stevie J take a paternity test. The former couple has been at odds since the fifth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, where they had a brief reconciliation.

Joseline Hernandez revealed that she is pregnant during the reunion show. The Puerto Rican princess claims that she had a baby by Stevie J during their stay in L.A. Stevie has since denied being the father of her child and he is currently trying to sue her for slander.

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According to TMZ, Joseline wants child support and a parenting plan from the Bad Boy producer. The publication reports that Joseline stated that Stevie has agreed to pay for any medical expenses associated with the pregnancy but has not acknowledged that he is the father.

Joseline wants the court to force Stevie J to pay child support because she does not think she will get any. Several reports this year suggest that Stevie J already owes over $1 million in child support from previous relationships. The Grammy-award winning producer has six children including a daughter with Mimi Faust, who also stars in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Stevie J is currently battling a child support case that has led to several arrests, drug testing, and a curfew, per Reality Tea.

“After failing to show up for court, and either failing or blowing off a slew of court-ordered drug tests, Stevie has been given a curfew and must be home by 10:30 PM every night, or his ass will be MADE to stay home by going to jail! Stevie was also recently ordered to attend a court-ordered rehab!”

Joseline revealed that she is about six months pregnant a month ago and she is expected to give birth in January. Stevie and Joseline do not have to wait until the child is born to perform a paternity test. It is unclear why Stevie has not agreed to the test, but he has stated previously that he is not willing to have a relationship with Joseline.

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The Puerto Rican princess accused Stevie J of molesting his daughter and he has called the accusation unforgivable. Stevie has stated that he will wait for the court to decide a parenting plan if the child is in fact his.

Wendy Williams gave Joseline some advice regarding Stevie J’s alleged paternity at the 4:30 mark of the YouTube video above.

“Joseline, you get up in that bathroom, real quick. You only have to be at his house for 15 minutes before all of a sudden you complain, morning sickness and you have to go to the doctor. Soon as you get there, you say you have to go to the bathroom, use the bathroom in the master. You grab a pair of his underwear, you grab his toothbrush, and just for good measure, grab a pair of his socks because skin is always flaking off on your ankles and your feet. And you take that to the lab once your bunchkin is born and we, together will prove it.”

Wendy also added fire to the rumor that Stevie J spread earlier this year. According to Wendy, a police report suggests that Joseline’s real name is Shenellica Bettencourt as Stevie claimed earlier this year. She is allegedly 39 years old and not Puerto Rican.

Joseline Hernandez is reportedly filming a special TV series documenting her pregnancy. It is unclear whether Joseline and Stevie will be returning to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. It has also not been confirmed whether Stevie will take the paternity test.

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