LAPD Officer Killed Dog, Injured Woman In Police-Involved Shooting

An LAPD officer killed a dog and injured a woman in a police-involved shooting on Friday afternoon on Venice Beach. The mounted police officer shot the dog after it had bitten him and accidentally grazed a woman in her thigh, KTLA reports.

Friday afternoon, two mounted LAPD officers were talking to a group of people on Venice Beach when a large dog became disturbed and bit one of them.

Detective Meghan Aguilar told reporters that the officer fired one shot at the dog. A tourist, who was in the area, was grazed in the thigh, but was said to be in stable condition.

The officer suffered injuries and was treated at the scene. Witnesses are being questioned by police. Officers are asking that the public avoid the area until the investigation is complete.

In July, a boy’s fifth birthday party was ruined after an Oklahoma cop shot his dog and drove away, NY Daily News reports.

Eli Malone looked out the window during Rio Youngblood’s fifth birthday party and noticed that something was wrong with Opie. The dog laid lifeless on the ground, barely breathing and with a pool of blood surrounding him.

When they went outside to check on Opie, a 3-year-old American Bulldog, a remorseless police officer, reported to be Josh Franklin, stood on the other side of the fence.

“Ma’am I just had to shoot your dog.”

The woman asked the officer why he shot her dog. Without saying a word, the officer reached into his police car, grabbed his AR-15 rifle, and fired one last shot at the dog, ending his life.

The boy’s mother, Vickie Youngblood, revealed how heartbroken Rio was after his dog was shot dead.

“I came outside last night and he’s on the trampoline. He said ‘I’m singing to Opie’s heart. I miss him.'”

The family said that Opie would never hurt anyone and was amazing with children.

Wynnewood Police Chief Ken Moore told reporters that Franklin said the dog lunged at him and attacked him. Franklin also claimed that he tried kicking the dog off of him before shooting Opie.

The family does not believe Franklin’s story, as they do not see how the dog could have escaped the fence.

“The dog cannot jump the fence. The gates to our yard are tied with wire and shoe string. The dog could maybe have gotten his head through the fence but he wouldn’t have been able to open it.”

While the officer continued to say the shooting was justified, it was revealed that he was attempting to serve a warrant for a 10-year-old case, which listed the person’s address as the Malone’s.

The Malones stated that they believe Officer Franklin knew that they were the current residents at the home.

“Officer Franklin had been to the house twice before. Opie was chained on the front porch. They knew Opie was here, too.”

Since the shooting of Opie, the children have no interest in playing outside. They are terrorized by what they saw that day. The children screamed and cried after they saw the officer putting Opie out of his misery.

“The dog lied under a towel for over an hour before another officer showed up to take our statements. The kids were all watching through the window.”

According to Patch, the woman who was grazed in the leg on Venice Beach was pedaling her bike through the area of the scene when she was struck in the thigh with a bullet. It was also revealed that the dog who attacked the officer was a pit bull.

The Inquisitr will reveal more information as it becomes available. The investigation is ongoing.

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