Eminem’s Daughter? 19-Year-Old Appears On Dr. Phil, Says She’s Eminem’s Daughter And That She’s Pregnant With Baby Jesus

Does rapper Eminem have another daughter? Well, it depends on who you ask. According to 19-year-old Haley, who describes herself as a paranoid schizophrenic, and who recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show, Eminem is her father.

Sounds crazy right? Actually, it’s probably the least crazy thing Haley has claimed. Per her friends and family, Haley is delusional and a compulsive liar, who makes up bizarre stories for attention. Her latest claim is that she is pregnant with none other than baby Jesus.

In a video that aired prior to her interview with Dr. Phil, Haley revealed that she is nine months pregnant with the son of God, despite having six pregnancy tests come back negative. She has also had multiple doctors tell her she isn’t pregnant, but the 19-year-old refuses to believe it, and is adamant that she is preparing to give birth to Jesus.

“I know my pregnancy is real. I’ve gained at least 22 pounds,” she said. “I was sleeping one night and my baby punched the bottom of my stomach and kicked me, and I can feel his head right here, right below my belly button.”

“My family, my friends, my pastors at church, they don’t believe that I’m pregnant,” she continued. “I know it’s Jesus. I don’t care if my family disowns me. It really comes down to if you’re a true believer in Jesus or not … I don’t care what the home pregnancy test or a doctor says, when I give birth to my baby, no one is going to deny him because he’s my savior.”

According to Haley’s mom, her family has every right not to believe her. She has made up ridiculous lies in the past, including being Eminem’s daughter, donating a kidney to her brother, and appearing on American Idol.

“Did you tell people that Eminem is your father?” Dr. Phil questioned.

“Yes, I did, actually,” she replied

“Is he your father?” he continued.

“I am not sure. My mum has pictures of a guy that looks just like Eminem, and I’m sitting on his lap,” she said.

“That wasn’t Eminem, that was a family member,” her sister said, while her mother added, “She knows who her dad is.”

Haley even went as far as showing a baby picture of Eminem’s actual daughter, and claiming it was her.

“That’s not you, that’s his daughter. That’s a different human being,” Dr. Phil explained, to which she replied, “Well he might have another daughter he doesn’t know about.”

He added: “Well actually it’s not this guy, in fact it looks nothing like this guy at all.”

Haley, in an effort to prove once and for all that she is pregnant, asked Dr. Phil to provide her with an ultrasound, which he did. The ultrasound showed what everyone expected — no baby. Despite the images showing nothing in her uterus, she still insisted she was carrying a baby boy.

“I am pregnant. I’m not going to deny my baby … I feel him kick all the time,” she said after Dr. Travis Stork, an ER physician and host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors told her the results of the ultrasound.

Dr. Stork then went on to explain why she thought she was feeling kicks in her abdomen. Rather than feeling the flutters of a tiny baby, she was experiencing her bowels moving.

“The one thing the ultrasound stenographer noticed when she was putting the probe on your belly, you have dilated loops of bowel,” he said. “What that means is there is some air in your intestines, and when she was moving the probe, those little loops move around. When you have felt down there and you have felt something moving, that was just your bowel moving.”

Although Dr. Stork had a perfectly and reasonable explanation, Haley still believed she was expecting.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Stork, but you can’t lie to Jesus,” she said. “You can stick me with all the Depo shots that you want to, but he is not going to die. And you can stick that little ultrasound [expletive].”

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