Eric Trump Says Ex KKK Grand Wizard David Duke ‘Deserves A Bullet’

In a comment that more people can likely get behind than any individual candidate, Eric Trump said that former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke deserves a bullet. Eric Trump, the second son of Donald Trump, was being asked what he thought of David Duke offering an endorsement and support of the Trump campaign. Eric Trump then said that the white nationalists are “horrible people.”

The Trump campaign has wisely shaken off any endorsement from racist sources, and that includes Donald Trump’s former butler Anthony Senecal, who was investigated by the Secret Service after suggesting that it wasn’t too late to lynch Barack Obama, said the Inquisitr. Donald Trump spoke out, saying that he did not agree with Senecal’s point of view after Senecal posted a lengthy diatribe against President Obama and people of color.

Eric Trump was being interviewed by the KHOW-AM host in Denver who said that David Duke was “a guy who desperately needs a bullet,” says the Los Angeles Times. Eric Trump said he would have to agree.

“If I said exactly what you said, I’d get killed for it. But I think I’ll say it anyway. The guy does deserve a bullet.”

The Trump campaign also denounced the endorsement of the KKK newspaper The Crusader earlier this week.