‘Days Of Our Lives’: Hope Brady Fights Death Penalty For Stefano DiMera’s Murder — Kristian Alfonso Reveals ‘DOOL’ Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives is revving things up in Salem, including wrapping up old storylines that were seemingly abandoned. One of those has to do with Hope Brady, who killed Stefano DiMera several months ago. The truth has come out and now the soap opera character must answer for her actions, even if they were understandable. It turns out that things are going to get worse when Hope discovers that the prosecutor wants her to face the death penalty. What will happen to her now? Actress Kristian Alfonso reveals spoilers on this particular storyline.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. If you don’t want to know details on what to expect, then do not continue reading.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Galen Gering said months ago that Hope and Rafe would face consequences for their actions. As Days Of Our Lives fans recall, Rafe Hernandez helped Hope Brady dispose of Stefano’s body. When Andre DiMera would not stop harassing Hope, he was framed for murder. Later, Roman Brady found out about her actions, but kept it a secret. This means that not only could Rafe face repercussions, but Roman could as well.

However, Hope is determined to protect Rafe and Roman on the NBC soap opera. She decided to take full responsibility for killing Stefano DiMera on Days Of Our Lives. Even though many are rallying behind Kristian Alfonso’s character, some are angry and confused. This includes Chad DiMera, Theo Carver, and even Ciara Brady.

It was previously speculated that due to Stefano’s history and Hope’s emotional trauma, the court might go easy on her. However, it seems that the detective is going to have a tough battle ahead of her. In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Kristian Alfonso reveals that the prosecutor wants Hope Brady to face the death penalty.

“Hope is terrified. She has a daughter to think about. Hope made a lot of bad choices last year. A lot of those choices were made out of grief. She was driven by it. In Hope’s heart, at the moment [when she shot Stefano],she snapped. It pushed Hope to do what she did.”

Hope killing Stefano was understandable, especially after everything she lost and how he laughed at her. However, Alfonso says that committing murder was not right. So, what will happen to Kristian’s character on Days Of Our Lives? Will Hope Brady go to prison?

“She will go to prison, but I don’t feel that Hope is accepting in any manner of this new development.”

Even though the prosecutor is asking for the death penalty, it is unlikely that she will receive it. However, she will have to be incarcerated, but for how long?

As Days Of Our Lives fans recall, Hope told Rafe that she wanted to talk to Andre DiMera. DOOL spoilers state that she wants to make a deal with Stefano’s son. In exchange for her confessing to murder and not fighting the charges, Rafe and Roman’s names must never be connected to the crime.

“What’s happened is all because of Hope. She’s going to end up hurting the people who ultimately helped her. So at any expense, Hope is trying to protect them. It’s why Hope is willing to make this deal with the devil and give herself up completely, not fight going to prison for the charges that have been brought against her.”

What do you think of what Kristian Alfonso had to say about Hope Brady going to prison for killing Stefano DiMera? What will happen next on the NBC soap opera? Keep watching Days Of Our Lives to find out.

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